Arrival Information

Students must present their GWorld Card along with their self check-in confirmation email (can be shown on a phone/computer or printed out) in order to receive their room key.

Colonial Bellhop: Make move-in day easy with the help of Colonial Bellhop’s optional move-in service! For $125, the GW Cheerleaders and Dancers will meet you curbside, unload your car or truck, and move all of your belongings to your room in less than twenty minutes. All proceeds will support the GW Spirit Program and any participating Club Sport Teams.  For more information on Colonial Bellhop, please visit our website or contact us directly via e-mail at [email protected] or at 202-994-7670.

Campus Advisory:
Due to a road closure on Saturday August 17th, all Foggy Bottom check-ins will take place in Thurston Hall instead of Amsterdam Hall from 10am - 4pm. Check-in will resume in Amsterdam Hall at 6pm on Saturday the 17th.