Assignments & Waitlist

Students and their parents often have questions about the manner that room assignments are made and how a student ultimately is assigned to the room that they are in. Applications that are submitted by the mid-May deadline will all be considered equally when making housing assignments. Assignments are not made on a first-come, first-served basis.

The random selection process is done through our internal housing system, which draws a random application, along with any valid roommates, and reviews the preferences of the person selected. If the first preference listed on the student’s application is available when their application is selected, then the student (and any valid roommates) will be assigned to that first preference. If the student’s first housing preference is unavailable, the system will continue to look through the preference list to see if any availability exists.

At times, students that are randomly selected late in the process will be assigned to buildings that were not listed on their application. We highly recommend that students list as many preferences on their application as possible, and on both campuses. First-year students are not guaranteed an assignment on a particular campus or residence hall. It is imperative that students list a vareity of preferences on both campuses to minimize the possibility of receiving an assignment that they did not select as a preference.

Historically, there has been a small waitlist of first-year students who do not receive their room assignments during the initial release. Since all first-year students are required to reside on-campus, every student will receive an assignments. Students on the waitlist will receive the contact information of a professional staff member and will be assigned on a rolling basis as spaces become available.

Additionally, students who wish to commute from home or believe they qualfiy for a residency exemption, should complete the exemption process and wait for the decision before applying for housing. Once a student applies for housing, any exemption request is void.