Available to All Upperclass Students

The following residence halls will be available to all Upperclass Students:

Studio Style

  • 2109 F Street
  • FSK Hall
  • International House
  • JBKO Hall
  • Munson Hall
  • District House

Full Apartment Style

  • 1959 E Street
  • The Dakota
  • Shenkman Hall
  • Amsterdam Hall
  • District House

Single Rooms in a Suite

  • South Hall

Learn More About the Upperclass Residence Halls

The following residence halls are not available to upperclass students for the academic year of 2020-2021 

  • Guthridge Hall
  • Lafayette Hall
  • Mitchell Hall
  • West Hall

**Due to a lack of availability, single apartments and single units with private bathrooms will not be available as a room preference on the general housing application.