Broom Clean Information

Please make sure to leave your room in a “broom clean” condition; an industry standard in residential facilities management. This means:

  • all personal items have been removed from the room, bathroom, and the hallway outside your door;
  • the refrigerator, microwave, oven and freezer have been emptied; and
  • all trash has been disposed of properly.

If you have any facilities issues in your room please submit a FIXit request today.

Once you depart your room, it will be inspected and fees may be assessed and placed on your student account for the following:

  • damage
  • not leaving the room in broom clean condition
  • not returning your key
  • missing CATV boxes and remotes


  • $250 per student fine for additional cleaning;
  • $250 fine for improper checkout
  • $90 total, divided by number of students in a room, for missing/damaged CATV box;
  • $10 per student for a missing/damaged remote; and
  • $150 per student for a missing or unreturned room key.
  • Charges for damages to the room are assessed based upon the extent of the damage and is divided by the number of students in a room

If a room has damages, the cost for repairing that damage will be split between the roommates unless one person takes responsibility for that damage.

As students are cleaning and packing, take advantage of our Green Move-Out program in May, which provides students an opportunity to donate their unwanted items to non-profit organizations in the DC area. 

For students who are assessed a damage charge or broom clean fine, there will be an appeal process. Please note that appeals based solely on the fact that you were not the last person to move-out of the room will not be granted. Additionally, students opting for the express check out option are not eligible to appeal damage charges or broom clean fines. All communication regarding move-out charges will be sent to your GW email account.

Want to know more about what Broom Clean is? Check out this video or these pictures!

Not Broom Clean  

 Still have questions?  Your Resident Advisors are on hand for assistance.