COVID-19: Dining & Colonial Cash

Emergency Meal Kits

Students approved to stay in the halls until April 5 are encouraged to stock food, especially non-perishable items, and personal items in the event that you are unable to leave your unit for any period of time. Seven-day non-perishable meal kits are available for pre-order from Dining Services at a low cost. EMKs are designed to help meet caloric needs and should be SECONDARY TO YOUR OWN FOOD PREPAREDNESS EFFORTS. Deliveries to residence halls start Monday, March 23.

Request a 7-Day Emergency Meal Kit


GWorld Vendors

You continue to have access to the GWorld vendors that remain open and operating. Please keep in mind a vendor’s operating hours may change at any time. A dedicated webpage has been created listing all of the GWorld vendors that are open for takeout and/or delivery orders using GWorld. 

Dining Plan Reimbursement

To give you more flexibility with your dining options, you may request a reimbursement of any remaining dining plan funds. 

Request Dining & Parking Reimbursement 

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