COVID-19: Jul. 31, 2020: Update about Your Belongings from Spring 2020

Friday, July 31, 2020


Dear GW Residential Students:

In an effort to send a quick communication to as broad a group of spring 2020 residents as possible, this information may not pertain to some of you, especially if you have already been reunited with your belongings.  For the rest of you, this will be among a series of updates to come as we work out plans for the next couple of weeks.

Last spring when we began our efforts to pack and store your belongings until fall it was our belief that this pandemic we are all facing would slow down, we would be much further along in the reopening stages and we had plans to open campus this fall. Unfortunately that is not the case and the university’s decision this week to move to virtual instruction and to house only a limited number of students who face extenuating circumstances was made with your safety and health as our top priority. We realize that the news this week is likely disappointing for many of you and now have prompted a lot of questions.

For those of you who are currently going through the new housing application process to be considered based on the criteria as outlined, if you are approved for housing, your belongings will be brought to your new campus housing assignment before you move-in. We will provide updates soon about the move-in process.

For students who were planning on moving back into on-campus housing and who now will not be coming to campus, we are working on additional plans and will communicate more soon.
In the meantime, the moving companies, in an effort to be of assistance reopened their doors this week for some onsite pick-ups. Please know that the dates they have announced will not be the last, there will be more dates to come.  Opening their doors was a quick decision as they wanted to help you out.  Originally this week they were going to be redelivering back to campus and had closed on-site pick-ups because, well, it is hard to be in two places at once. When we informed them of the news they wanted to be available if they could realize that some students would want to pick-up their belongings.  We want to thank our counterparts for their extra efforts to be of assistance to you.

Some of the communications from them this week seem to have caused confusion. Based on feedback we have heard, the following hopefully helps provide more clarity including,

  • There will be pick-up options beyond this week, more details to come.
  • One of the companies outlined a packing fee for shipping. This is not an extra fee; it is a deposit towards the final cost of the overall cost of shipping. Once a final shipping price has been determined, the deposit will go towards the final cost.
  • Storage after September 1.  The September 1 deadline was the initial date that we announced in our July 1 email when we outlined, if you can recall, what is now an outdated timeline.  We will have storage options and will share that information soon.
  • If there are other questions or concerns from this week related to a communication you received from one of the moving companies, we encourage you to reach out to the [email protected] account and we’ll do our best to assist.

In the coming days, some of the companies will be reaching out to you directly offering options for pick-up. Details on signing up for an on-site pick-up will come directly from the moving companies and be filled on a first come first serve basis. We will continue to offer these pick-up options in August, as widely as possible with the understanding that there will be a small window of time the movers will be on-campus re-delivering items for returning students.

Related to picking up items from the off-site storage facilities we have received some concerns about traveling because of various states quarantine rules as it relates to essential travel.  Based on our understanding of most of the state orders on the East Coast, essential travel to pick up and deliver essential household items is allowed, if all precautions are taken to limit contact with others during travel. As a reminder, all pick-ups from the warehouse will be contactless pick-up.

We realize that we have not answered all of your questions. Within the next week, we will provide more updates that focus on continued storage of your belongings at the moving company or shipping.

We will miss seeing you this fall on campus. As we said in the spring, campus is not the same when our students are not here with us.  We can’t wait to see you again, when it is safe to be together again. 

Seth Weinshel & Stewart Robinette
Campus Living and Residential Education

PS...Wondering who you can contact or who may be contacting you? Here are the contractors and buildings:

JK Moving: [email protected]
Thurston, District House

Storage Squad: [email protected]
1959 E Street, FSK Hall, Guthridge Hall, International House, Lafayette Hall, Madison Hall, Mitchell Hall, Munson Hall Potomac House, South Hall

Interstate Moving: [email protected]
2109 F Street,  Fulbright Hall, Greek Townhouse Row, JBKO Hall, Mark Shenkman Hall, Philip Amsterdam Hall, The Aston, The Dakota, The Mount Vernon Campus (Clark Hall, Cole Hall, Hensley Hall, Somers Hall, West Hall), Small Townhouses, Strong Hall