COVID-19: Mar. 11, 2020: Continuity Housing Post Spring Break

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Dear GW Residential Students, 

This message is to all on-campus students in follow-up to President LeBlanc's email to the campus community regarding the transition to online classes for instructional continuity after spring break.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus presents unique challenges in college and university residence halls with the close proximity of living spaces and shared amenities increasing the risk of rapid community transmission. The transition to online courses, suspension of student activities, and reduction of students remaining in on-campus housing are intended to promote social distancing and enable continuity of services in the event of increased disruption as the response progresses

Post Spring Break Planning

After Spring Break, all residential students are expected to no longer be living in student housing as of March 21 until the end of the instructional continuity period. Residential students will receive a credit to their student account at the nightly rate of their unit type during the period they are not occupying their on-campus residential assignment until residence halls re-open. 

Students should plan to take all items that are essential to carry on their academic coursework remotely following Spring Break (e.g., laptops, textbooks, notebooks, essential papers). In addition, they should pack personal necessities (medications, travel documents, clothing, etc.) in the event that they do not or are unable to return to campus for a substantial period of time. 

Students must apply to remain in their on-campus housing during the instructional continuity period. We recognize that may be difficult or impossible for some students. Given the uncertain nature of this evolving public health emergency, students are encouraged to carefully consider the absolute necessity of remaining on campus if alternative options are available.

Requesting to Stay on Campus

This housing request process is unrelated to any Spring Break travel and housing plans you previously provided to Campus Living & Residential Education. Please thoughtfully complete the Housing Request Form after speaking to your families, guardians or significant others. 

If you have or meet any of the reasons below you may be considered to stay on campus by submitting the request form at the Campus Living e-services portal by noon, Wednesday, March 18. Reasons that will be considered are:

  • Your permanent housing assignment/residency is at The George Washington University
  • You are an international student
  • Your alternate residence does not have the internet/technology to complete online coursework
  • You have a financial hardship
  • You are an athlete and have to attend an athletic event

It is necessary for you to individually register and be approved to remain in your housing assignment during this time, Saturday, March 21-Saturday, April 4. If you do not register and are not approved, your GWorld access will be turned off at 5:00pm on March 20 until the University residence halls re-open. 

What to Expect If You Stay on Campus

  • You will only have GWorld access to your building and room
  • The guest policy will be suspended, no guests will be permitted in the residence hall
  • Anticipate extremely limited activities and social interaction
  • Professional staff will remain in the halls and limited emergency response will be available
  • You may be asked to move rooms in an effort to consolidate empty spaces and optimize the utilization of vacancies/rooms on campus
  • In case of emergency or growing public health concerns, the government may impose limitations on public movement and businesses may close. Plan to stock food and personal items in the event you are unable to leave your unit for any period of time
  • Essential services will remain operational to the fullest extent possible (e.g. Medical & Mental Health, GWPD) but may have limited or adjust operations based on an evolving public health situation.

We realize that these measures may be disruptive and appreciate your understanding as we strive to assure the safety and health of the campus community. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome everybody back to campus later this semester and to celebrate the conclusion of the school year. 

After reviewing the Housing Request Form and speaking with your families please contact Campus Living & Residential Education if you have any questions.

UPDATE 3/12:  The University has decided that no student should remain in the residence halls for the sole purpose of student employment. 

UPDATE 3/13:  With the cancellation of all A10 athletic events, we are unable to grant an on-campus stay to GW student-athletes based solely on the need to be present to attend an athletic event.

UPDATE 3/13:  Deadline to apply for continuity housing moved up to Monday, March 16, at noon.


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