COVID-19: Apr. 28, 2020: Hall Survey: Questions About Your Departure from Campus

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


The following email was sent to 2109 F Street, Amsterdam, Aston, Clark, Cole, Dakota, Fulbright, Greek Row, Hensley, JBKO, JJ, Lafayette, Madison, Mitchell, Potomac, Shenkman, Small Townhouses, Somers, Strong, and West individualized with survey links specific to each hall. 

Dear GW Residential Students:

We realize that it has been a few weeks since we were last in touch and wanted to provide you with an update about the university's effort to pack your belongings as we provide for the health and safety of you, your family and the community.

This week we are wrapping up Phase 1, which was extended as the situation here in D.C. changed rapidly. We had to adjust plans and timelines based on how the region and the nation responded in the early weeks of this virus. Soon after we began our efforts, local government officials requested the university be more flexible with our room availability for our on-campus housing should the District of Columbia and/or GW Hospital require more resources in response to this national pandemic. As such, we are being good partners and currently hosting medical workers from the hospital in one of our empty residence halls. We hope they are able to get some much-needed rest between shifts as they fight and confront this virus.

As we begin the rest of this packing process, we are asking for your assistance. This pre-packing survey below is one of the many improvements we have introduced since the start of this project. We will use the information to help us solidify and announce the timeline soon for the remaining residence halls. Additionally, your responses will help us to better assist you as we finalize your end-of-year move out of your residence hall room. Please respond to this survey by 9 am on Thursday, April 30. We pledge to announce a tentative timeline for the remaining buildings, using the results of the survey as a guide, by the end of the week.

But, there are no summer classes, why do you still need to pack and store my things?
As we start heading into the summer months, the university needs to begin preparations for when you return including maintenance in all of our halls. Additionally, for health and safety reasons, it is necessary to enter rooms to fix, clean and remove any potential health and environmental hazards that could arise if we left these rooms untouched until the fall semester.

And, why can’t I just wait it out or come get my stuff now?
We are following the advice of public health experts who recommended limiting travel to and from our urban campus to try to prevent our campus from becoming a hotspot. So far, because of our decisions to limit the comings and goings on our campus, we have not become one. Additionally, the world changed fast and quickly, and now, many places, like DC, Virginia and Maryland are on stay-at-home orders. Please do not drive to campus. Our residence halls are closed and you will not be able to get in.

So, when are you going to get to my room/building?
The responses to this survey will help us finalize and announce a tentative timeline. Before we proceed with any building there will be two additional communications you will receive:  First, a detailed set of instructions pertaining to your particular building, including the final schedule of pack dates for your building. Second, details from the moving company assigned to your building.

I have more questions!
We have a page on the Campus Living and Residential Education website where we have shared and posted the various communications about this packing project. Going forward, most of the buildings will be similar in nature, but each building will have its own set of detailed instructions. We recommend that you check out our FAQ page at for more information.

We understand that this is not the process you envisioned when you left campus. Thank you for your understanding as we continue through this process. We hope to see you on campus again soon -- when it is safe.

Seth Weinshel and Stewart Robinette
Campus Living & Residential Education