COVID-19: Technology Services

Personal Hotspot During Instructional Continuity

In the interest of safety and care for all students, we don’t want a lack of internet access to be a barrier to returning home and completing your academic requirements. 
Our team has acquired personal hotspot devices available on loan at no cost to students who indicated in their application request to remain in housing during the instructional continuity period that they would not have access to stable internet service if they left campus,  
  • If you are on campus: The hostspots are available for pickup starting on Tuesday March 17 in the Campus Living Office in Amsterdam Hall 2350 H St., Monday-Friday from 9 am - 5 pm. Hotposts must be picked up by Friday March 20.
  • If you have left campus: We will mail the hotspot to you at the address indicated on your form. If you previously thought you would pick one up in person and have since left campus, please submit another request and select the option to have it mailed. 

The deadline to complete this form is 5:00pm, Wednesday, March 18.

We will be in touch with students regardinf the return of the hotspot divices at the end of the instructional continuity period.

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