COVID-19: Mar. 19, 2020: Gathering Information to Plan Your Spring 2020 Departure

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dear GW Residential Students,

GW continues to work in accordance with advisories from government and public health authorities to close the residence halls.

All residential students still on campus must leave their rooms in GW residential housing by no later than Friday, March 20th by 5 pm. The only exception has been made for students who were granted an extension for continuous housing during the initial Instructional Continuity Period, extending their housing through 5 pm, April 5th. As public health conditions are rapidly evolving, we strongly urge students to leave as soon as possible.

At this time, it is critical for all residential students, including those who have left campus, to complete the Planning For Your Spring 2020 Departure Form linked below.  It is necessary to assist with your check out and provide additional information for those who have items left in rooms. Specifically:

  • Who is and who is not currently on campus
  • Who has and who has not fully vacated their on-campus room (e.g.. has removed all of their personal property)
  • Details about students’ needs in order to fully vacate their on-campus room, including indicating needs about Storage, Shipping, or Packing services
  • Details about students who are within a driving distance from GW’s campuses and would have the ability in the future to return to retrieve their possessions.  NOTE: Do not attempt to return to campus at this time.
We ask that every student complete this form no later than Sunday, March 22, 2020, by 5 pm (Eastern), so that GW can review this information and provide further guidance to students and their families.
GW also recognizes that there may be some students who were given additional time to depart via continuity housing who have extreme circumstances that may prevent them from returning to their permanent residence or to some other safe location. Only a limited number of exceptions to remain in housing longer will be granted; students must fill out this form and detail their issues, known now, that prevents them from physically departing campus. Also, the date that they believe they will be able to depart must be provided.  We will give those form submissions special attention and will work quickly to make determinations.
Seth Weise and Stewart Robinetts
GW’s Campus Living & Residential Education Team