Who: All Residence Halls and townhouses must opt-in to participate! To participate only one member of your hall needs to send an email to [email protected].

What: The Eco-Challenge Contest – a conservation competition between residence halls and townhouses to see who can save the most electricity and water.

Why: Conserving electricity and water helps GW lower its carbon footprint and impact we have on our surrounding resources. GW can’t meet its sustainability goals unless everyone contributes.

How to Win: Prizes will be given to residence halls that decrease their energy and water consumption the most (by competing against the average of all available performance years since Eco-Challenge began 5 years ago).

Prizes:  This year we have sustainable improvements to residence halls, such as installing bottle fillers, eco-friendly big screen tvs, and the opportunity for the winning residence hall to suggest their own prize!

Become an Eco-Rep: Interested in helping make GW a greener campus? Want to build your environmental skills and gain leadership experience? Be an Eco-Rep in your residence hall or at large. Eco-Reps help with Eco-Challenge, Recyclemania, tree watering, the green roof and the community garden. Email [email protected] to sign-up.

The Eco-Challenge is sponsored by Sustainability at GW.