Fall Early Arrival

The following Early Arrival options are available for students who wish to arrive to campus prior to August 26, 2017.

Co-Curricular Program Participants

First-year and transfer students who have registered for a university-sponsored co-curricular program (Adventure Bound, LEAD GW, Community Building Community, SEAS New Student Getaway, Women's Leadership Program, or Hillel LaunchPad) will have the ability to move into the residence halls early to participate in those activities. Exact move-in dates for each program are available on the Important Dates page of the GW Housing website. We are unable to accommodate any arrivals prior to the designated move-in date for your program.

International Student Orientation & Fall Colonial Inauguration

New International or Exchange students registered for Fall Colonial Inauguration and participating in the International Student Orientation or Exchange Student Orientation will be permitted to move into their residence hall early.  Please refer to the International Services Office website and the Important Dates page for further information regarding international student check-in and orientation. International students will be able to move-in on or after Monday, August 21, 2017.

Domestic first-year students attending CI 7  will move-in on August 23rd. Domestic transfer students attending CI 8 will move-in on August 24th.

We are unable to accommodate international students or Fall CI participants prior to the designated move-in date for your program.

Returning international students who wish to move in prior to August 27 must take advantage of either the move-in volunteer, departmental request, or pay-by-night options.

Move-In Volunteer - Application Available until July 12th

Students have the opportunity to volunteer with university Move-In efforts and move into their residence hall early. This is a great opportunity to beat the crowd and help the incoming class. The number of volunteer spots is limited, so make sure to sign up early. Freshmen and new transfer students are not eligible to participate as move-in volunteers. The application is now availabe via OrgSync.

Departmental Requests

Returning students who are working for a GW department and are needed to assist with move-in or orientation related activities may be permitted to arrive to campus early. Departments should contact GW Housing for more information on this option. The earliest date that departments may request early arrival for students is Sunday, August 20, 2017. Students who are returning to campus early must be working for the department daily in preparation for orientation programs or the beginning of the semester. All department requests must be made by July 21, 2017 or GW Housing cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor the request.

Pay-by-Night - Available mid-June

Returning students have the option to request pay-by-night early arrival as on either Thursday, August 24th or Friday, August 25th. Students requesting this option will be charged a nightly rate of $100 per night, which must be paid prior to or upon arrival to campus. This option is not available for freshmen or transfer students.

Check-In for Early Arrival

Students arriving to the Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon Campuses prior to August 26th should refer to the Move-In Hubs page to get individualized check-in, cart, package, and media converter pickup information. All early arrival students moving into housing prior to August 26, 2017 must move-in between 10am - 3pm or 6pm-11pm. Early arrival students will be sent a confirmation email by August 7, 2017 to confirm their move-in date. 

GW Housing is unable to accommodate any arrivals prior to your designated move-in date.