First-Year Waitlist

How Does The Waitlist Work?

Historically, there has been a small waitlist of first-year students who have not been assigned when room assignments are initially sent out.

Because all first-year students are required to live in on campus housing, all first-year students will be assigned housing.

As space becomes available in the days after assignments are released, students placed on the waitlist will be the first to be assigned and will be assigned on a rolling basis.

Students on the waitlist will be assigned a housing liaison and should work with that staff member to update their building and room preferences. In other words, students with very specific preferences (e.g., singles only, very few building or room preferences, or multiple roommate preferences) will have a more difficult time being assigned due to the nature of available spaces through cancellations.

GW Housing knows that being on the waitlist is not ideal and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about being assigned from the waitlist. Students on the waitlist typically receive an assignment by the end of July.