Fulbright FAQ for Floors 1-4

Fulbright residents, we are excited to welcome you back to campus for the 2017-2018 academic year. This FAQ expands on and provides more details as a follow-up to the letter that you received on July 31 about the renovation work being completed in the building through Sept. 16.

While the finishing work will be concentrated on floors 5-8, this page provides more details about the renovations, timeline, and support available to residents of floors 1-4 who move into Fulbright Hall on August 26. This page will continue to be updated as move-in day nears. If you have a question that is not answered through these FAQs, please feel free to ask the dedicated staff liaison that you were assigned in the letter you received on July 31 or call GW Housing at 202-994-2552.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to complete improvements to your Fulbright residence hall. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Renovations and Timeline

What renovations were made to Fulbright Hall this summer?

Over the summer, we completed a number of renovations and improvements throughout the building, including the installation of new windows and removing the window A/C units, building infrastructure upgrades, complete renovation of all bathrooms with new fixtures, tile, and ceilings, new furniture, and fresh paint.

Are the renovations complete or will construction continue into the fall semester?

The original renovation timeline anticipated all work would be complete prior to August 26th. Unfortunately, as a result of the expanded scope of renovations discovered during construction, the timeline for work was extended. Fortunately, floors 1-4 will be ready for move-in on August 26. However, the finishing work  on floors 5-8 will continue into the first weeks of the fall semester.

What remaining construction will occur during the weeks of the fall semester?

Finishing work on floors 5-8  will continue throughout the first three weeks of the fall semester. The remaining work will be concentrated on finishing touches such as installation of bathroom fixtures, tiling, painting, and furniture delivery.

What hours will work take place in the building?

As much of the remaining renovations of the bathrooms involves finishing work, we do not anticipate any exceptionally loud work occurring once the building is occupied on Aug. 26. Contractors will be in the building between 7 a.m.- 7 p.m. Any potentially disruptive work, if needed, will abide by GW’s policy and take place after 8 a.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. on weekends.

When will all of the building renovations be complete?

Work on floors 5-8 will continue into the first weeks of the fall semester and be completed by Sept. 16. Once renovations are completed in all rooms on a floor, residents will transition from their temporary housing accommodations into their Fulbright housing assignment.

General Questions

Why are some people staying in hotel rooms, while others are staying in the building?

The first four floors of Fulbright will have all renovations complete and new furniture installed by Aug. 26. These rooms will be ready for occupancy at that time. Residents assigned to floors 1-4 through the housing assignment process will move into their rooms when the residence halls open on Aug. 26. Since the bathrooms on the fifth through eighth floors will not be completed by move-in, the university has secured temporary local hotel accommodations for those residents while the work on their rooms is being completed.

Will the work interfere with any of the amenities of the building or my ability to study/sleep in my room? (laundry, wifi, electricity, etc).

At this time, we do not anticipate completion of remaining work on upper floors will impede any of the building operations on the lower floors, but will notify residents promptly if there is any need for outages.

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns related to the work being done in Fulbright?

Each resident of Fulbright Hall has been assigned a dedicated staff liaison who they can contact with any questions or concerns related to their housing assignment. If students need assistance connecting with their liaison, please contact GW Housing at 202-994-2552.

I would like to stay in a hotel room or change my housing assignment.  Is that possible?

Campus housing is filled to capacity, therefore there is no space to reassign students to other residence halls at this time. Additionally, as we must provide the hotels with an accurate list of residents, we are not able to swap which residents are in the hotel with those residing in Fulbright Hall. Room swap will reopen in mid-September and you are able to explore the option of changing your room at that time.

What staff will be available in the hall if I have questions?

For community support-related matters, Resident Advisors (RAs) are available and will be residing in Fulbright Hall beginning Aug. 26. Staff from the Center for Student Engagement (CSE) Residential Engagement Team, including Fulbright’s Residence Director and Area Coordinator, will also be present and available to residents. Staff from the CSE, GW Housing, and Division of operations will be hosting events during the first weeks of the semester to personally connect with Fulbright residents.

I have early arrival, will I be able to move into my room when I arrive to campus?

At this time, we do not anticipate that any rooms in Fulbright Hall will be ready for occupancy prior to August 26. Students who have been living in GW Summer Housing or have been approved for early arrival housing will be provided with temporary housing accommodations in a GW residence hall. GW Housing will be in touch with these students with further information about their accommodations or you may follow up with your dedicated staff liaison.