Fulbright FAQ for Floors 5-8

Fulbright residents, we are excited to welcome you back to campus for the 2017-2018 academic year. This FAQ expands on and provides more details as a follow-up to the letter that you received on July 31 about the phased move-in to Fulbright Hall for some residents after some unforeseen conditions required additional work to the building.

This page provides more details about preparing for your hotel stay, hotel amenities and other logistics. This page will continue to be updated as move-in day nears. If you have a question that is not answered through these FAQs, please feel free to ask the dedicated staff liaison that you were assigned in the letter you received on July 31 or call GW Housing at 202-994-2552.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to complete improvements to your Fulbright residence hall. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Renovations and Timeline

What renovations were made to Fulbright Hall this summer?

Over the summer, we completed a number of renovations and improvements throughout the building, including the installation of new windows and removing the window A/C units, building infrastructure upgrades, complete renovation of all bathrooms with new fixtures, tile, and ceilings, new furniture, and fresh paint.

Why are some Fulbright residents being provided temporary hotel accommodations?

As a result of the expanded scope of renovations encountered during construction, finishing work in rooms on floors 5-8 will not be completed by Aug. 26 move-in.  GW has arranged for temporary hotel accommodations in Foggy Bottom at One Washington Circle and Renaissance Dupont Circle hotels for residents of those floors. These accommodations are being provided at no charge to the students until renovations to their rooms are complete and ready for occupancy.

How long will I be staying in temporary hotel accommodations?

The finishing work on floors 5-8 will continue into the first weeks of the fall semester. Once renovations are completed in all rooms on a floor, residents will transition from their temporary hotel accommodations into their Fulbright housing assignment.
  • 5th Floor - Aug. 26 - Sept. 2  (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 2)
  • 6th Floor - Aug. 26 - Sept. 9 (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 9)
  • 7th Floor - Aug. 26 - Sept. 9 (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 9)
  • 8th Floor - Aug. 26 - Sept. 16 (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 16)

What remaining construction will take place during the first weeks of the fall semester?

Work on floors 5-8 will continue throughout the first three weeks of the fall semester. The remaining work in other areas of the building will be concentrated on finishing touches such as installation of bathroom fixtures, tiling, and touch-up painting.

Preparing for Your Hotel Stay

What should I pack for my hotel stay?

Since space in the hotel rooms will be limited, we recommend that you pack items you anticipate you will need during your temporary hotel stay separately from items you will need later in the semester. In addition to clothing, laptops, cell phones, chargers, personal hygiene products and any prescribed medication, students are encouraged to consider what other items they will need for classes, internships, and activities.  GW will provide storage for large items such as furniture and boxes of items you will not need during your hotel stay.

What are the hotel room features and amenities?

Both One Washington Circle and Renaissance Dupont Circle hotel rooms include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm clocks
  • Bedding (linens, towels, comforters, duvets, pillows)
  • Cash machine/ATM
  • Concierge desk
  • Furnishings include full or queen size beds, desks, lounge seating, dressers
  • Hairdryers
  • In-room coffee maker
  • Ironing boards/irons
  • Key card access to rooms
  • Phone for free local calls (long distance noted below in Incidentals)
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Security (additional details below)
  • Smoke-free policy in rooms and public areas
  • Televisions - flat screen LCD with basic cable
  • Wireless Internet – free high speed service internet service in rooms and lobbies

How will GW store my items when I am in the hotel? (UPDATED 8.14.2017)

  • The university is contracting with Storage Squad to be onsite move-in weekend to collect student items, inventory them and store them during your hotel stay. All items will be stored in a climate controlled facility
  • Residents who would like to store items can drop them off at the Thompkins Lot, across from Fulbright Hall, on Saturday, August 26 from 8 am - 8pm. If you are arriving after the 26, you will be provided with the location of storage drop off from your liaison or GW Housing.
  • Storage Squad has provided these tips for packing your items prior to arrival
  • Boxes will be available at the Thompkins Lot to pack your items for storage
  • Items will then be delivered directly to your residence hall room on the day that you transition to Fulbright from the hotel.

Your Hotel Stay

How will I check in into my temporary hotel accommodations?

All students will complete the online check-in form via GW Housing e-Services between Aug. 9-15 at which time they will be asked to provide information about their arrival time as well as any anticipated storage needs so that we may prepare for your arrival. Students staying at either One Washington Circle or Renaissance Dupont Circle will check in at the front desk of their assigned hotel on Aug. 26 at or after 4pm and will receive their assigned room at the hotel. Students will need to provide their their government-issued photo ID and GWorld at check-in. Students will not be required to provide a personal credit card unless they intend to purchase optional incidental services. Upon checking in, residents will receive their hotel room keys, information about their stay at the hotel, and meet the GW staff supporting residents during their stay.  Residents who indicate their plans to arrive after Aug. 26 will follow the same check-in process outlined above.

Will I be sharing a hotel room with another Fulbright resident?

All hotel rooms are double occupancy, meaning that you will share the space with one other person. Residents will be placed either with one of their roommates or with another Fulbright Hall resident. We understand this is not optimal as Fulbright rooms are triples, and will do our best to place all three roommates in close proximity to each other.

Who should I contact if I need emergency assistance while in the hotel?

For all emergencies, dial 911 to access DC Metropolitan Police, Fire, and EMS. Notify the hotel front desk after contacting emergency services so they can direct responders to your location.

What safety and security measures should I consider during my stay at the hotel?

Hotels offer basic security and 24/7 staff at the front desk. Unlike residence halls, however, hotels are more accessible to the general public and students should take basic safety and security precautions.

  • Lock your hotel room door upon entering or exiting. Utilize the deadbolt at night.
  • Do not disclose your hotel name and room number in public places.
  • Do not leave your hotel room key card in the check-in sleeve that has your room number written on it. Immediately report missing keys to the hotel front desk.
  • Verify the identity of any visitors or hotel personnel before opening your door. If you have questions about an individual seeking access to your room, contact the hotel front desk before opening your door.
  • Do not leave valuables unsecured in the hotel room. Utilize the the in-room safe or deposit valuables in the safe at the hotel front desk.
  • Report any suspicious individuals to the hotel front desk staff, hotel security, or police.
  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency exit routes from your hotel room and follow all evacuation instructions in the event of an emergency.

What University support is available to residents staying in temporary hotel accommodations?

To the greatest extent possible, GW is committed to providing access to the services and support students have in the residence halls. The Center for Student Engagement will have Resident Advisors (RAs) staying in each of the hotels. Additionally, each student residing in temporary hotel accommodations has been assigned a dedicated staff liaison in GW Housing, the Center for Student Engagement, or Division of Operations that they can contact with any questions or concerns.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with the hotel room?

For any facilities, housekeeping, or other problems with the physical hotel space, contact the hotel front desk staff. They will notify hotel facilities staff to address any problems as appropriate.

What kitchen or food storage amenities are available at the hotels?

  • One Washington Circle:  Standard size stove/oven, refrigerator, microwave, basic dishes/pots/pans/utensils/cooking supplies (with access to additional items on a loan basis via the front desk, including electric and regular tea kettles)
  • Renaissance Dupont Circle: mini fridges and daytime lobby microwaves (with front desk providing access at other times).

What dining and grocery options are available near the hotels? (UPDATED 8.9.2017)

Both hotels are located in Foggy Bottom near GWorld dining and grocery options.  A list of participating GWorld merchants can be found here. GW will provide additional Dining Cash on each resident’s GWorld card based on the duration of their temporary hotel accommodations:

  • 5th Floor: Aug. 26 - Sept. 2 (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 2) $100 Dining Cash
  • 6th Floor: Aug. 26 - Sept. 9 (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 9) $200 Dining Cash
  • 7th Floor: Aug. 26 - Sept. 9 (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 9) $200 Dining Cash
  • 8th Floor: Aug. 26 - Sept. 16 (Transition Day: Saturday, Sept. 16) $300 Dining Cash

To help you plan for your meals while living at the hotel, we have created this list of menu options to assist you with budgeting your Dining Cash for the semester.

Will hotel housekeeping services will be provided?

Both hotels will provide daily trash removal and replenishment of basic bathroom amenities (including replacing towels left on the floor) as well as refreshing of bed linens upon request. Students who do not wish to have housekeeping service in their hotel room should utilize the “Do Not Disturb” tag on the door to their room.

Where can I do laundry while I am staying at the hotel? (UPDATED 8.9.2017)

To assist with any laundry needs while staying in the hotel, GW has contracted with DormAid to provide students in temporary hotel accommodations with weekly valet laundry service (pickup and delivery, wash-dry-fold) for the duration of their stay. Students must complete the online check-in via GW Housing e-Services between August 9-15 in order to sign up for the laundry service. Pick up and drop off details will be provided after arrival and students will receive laundry service through September 30.

How do I get my mail & packages? (UPDATED 8.9.2017)

All Fulbright residents will have mail delivered to their mailbox at Fulbright Hall. Students staying in the hotel will have access to the building beginning August 26 to get their mail. All packages will be delivered to Mail & Package Services and will be held there until you pick them up. If you anticipate leaving items at Mail & Package Services until you transition to Fulbright, please contact your liaison so that they can assist you to ensure your items are not returned.

What optional hotel services would I need to pay for myself?

While not provided by GW, standard hotel incidental services are available at both hotels if a student wishes to pay for them via a personal credit card, including: 

  • Dry cleaning services
  • Long-distance phone calls
  • Pay-per-view/On-Demand Entertainment
  • Room service food delivery

Is parking available at the hotel?

On-site valet style parking is available at both hotels and may be purchased by students wishing to utilize these services:

  • One Washington Circle, $25 daily rate and $42 overnight;
  • Renaissance Dupont Circle, $25-$37 daily rate and $49 overnight.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the construction or moving timeline?

Each student residing in temporary hotel accommodations has been assigned a dedicated staff liaison who they can contact with any questions or concerns related to their temporary living arrangement. If students need assistance connecting with their liaison, please contact GW Housing at 202-994-2552.

Other Questions

Is early arrival housing available at the hotel?

Early arrival housing is not available at the hotel. GW will be providing housing to residents at a hotel during the period that the Housing License Agreement is in effect starting Aug. 26 through the time they are able to move into their room in Fulbright Hall (see dates above).

I was previously approved for early arrival. Where will I be staying?

Fulbright residents who lived in summer housing or were approved for arrival prior to Aug. 26 and who reside on floors 5 - 8 in Fulbright Hall will be provided with temporary housing accommodations in another GW residence hall. GW Housing will be in touch directly with these residents with more information.

Is there anywhere else I can stay on campus?

GW Housing is at capacity for the fall semester so we are not able to move you to a different residence hall on campus. If you are interested in a room change, you will be able to participate in the room swap process once you have moved to Fulbright and the room swap process re-opens in mid-September.