Gender Neutral Housing


What is gender neutral housing?

Gender neutral housing (GNH) allows students of different genders to share the same unit or apartment. 

All students assigned to a GNH suite, must opt-in and have a mutual roommate request. This opt-in program will allow students of different genders to be assigned to the same room or apartment. During the housing selection process, students will answer yes or no to the following lifestyle question about GNH: “I prefer to live in gender neutral housing." ONLY students who select yes will be opt-in. 

Students who do not opt-in will continue to be assigned to co-ed buildings by suite, but not to the same room.

Which residence halls offer gender neutral housing?

Currently, the GNH option is not limited to a particular residence and will be available in any residence open to the student as determined by their class year. Students will simply answer affirmatively to the GNH question and indicate their preferred roommate(s) on their housing application.  As with any roommate match, all matches must be mutual.

Who can take advantage of this living option?

This program is intended for students who wish to share a room or apartment with friends of a different gender. As with any on-campus housing option, it is not intended for romantic couples.

How does the program work?

Students interested in this option must

  1. Communicate with their prospective roommate group and share RMSIDs.  Students should protect their RMSID as they would their keys and not share this ID number with students with whom they do not desire to live.

  2. Complete the iHousing application during their designated application period, answering affirmatively to the additional question about GNH and indicating their preferred roommate(s).

Please note: Even if you and your chosen roommate are both assigned to the proper residence and room type, you still may not be assigned to a gender neutral assignment if placing your group together would force a random gender neutral assignment elsewhere in the residence.

Will random roommates be assigned in a gender neutral room?

Students will not be matched with a random opposite-gender roommate through this process.

What if my roommate group does not match the room type we want to live in?

As with any roommate group, keep in mind that your intended roommate pairings must match the size of the rooms available to you and that you preference.  For example, if you are a group of two, you should preference all 2-person units.

What happens if one of the roommates cancels their assignment or leaves mid-year?

If one resident cancels or leaves during the year, the remaining resident(s) can request another roommate, or the entire space can revert to single gender (based on the majority of students remaining in the room/apartment). This may involve reassignments of some students.

Roommate Conflicts

If a student has a conflict with a roommate because of differences in lifestyles or gender identity/expression, the students should talk to their Resident Advisor, Resident Director, or Area Coordinator. Other resources available include the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center.

Room Changes

Due to the unique nature of gender neutral housing, residents of these rooms are not able to participate in the online room swap process. Residents should contact either GW Housing if they are interesting in moving to a different room.