Mid-Semester Move Out Checklist

If you are moving out in the middle of the semester, be sure to complete the following steps in order to cancel your housing:

  • Complete the online housing cancellation form. This can be done via the GW Housing e-Services page and may require additional documentation.
  • Reach out to your academic advisor and confirm you have dropped all of your classes.
  • Get in contact with your RA to let them know you are leaving the university and set up a time for them to come check your room.
  • When moving out of your space, be sure to take all of your belongings and leave the space in broom clean condition.
  • Before leaving campus, be sure to submit an RCR via the Housing e-Services page.
  • If you have room keys or mailbox keys, you will need to return them to the Key Depot to avoid any additional fines. You cannot mail the keys to the Key Depot once you have left campus.
  • If you are withdrawing from the university, we ask that you also complete GW’s Exit Survey.