Move-Out Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to move out by?

All undergraduate residence halls close on May 17th at noon. Graduate residence halls close on May 22nd at noon. All students are expected to move out 24 hours after their last exam or the day that the residence halls close, whichever comes first.

What is the difference between traditional and express check-out?

An express check-out if a faster process where you complete your move-out form via GW Housing e-Services, return your key, and then leave. A traditional check-out includes a walkthrough of your space with a staff member where you can go over the condition of the room together. An express check-out is ideal for students who are leaving during times traditional check-out is not available or who do not have any concerns about the condition of their room. A traditional check-out is better if you have concerns about how your roommates will leave the room, would like to take responsibility for damage in the space, or simply want to walk through the space with someone. Regardless of which option you choose, all rooms will have a final inspection by staff once the residence halls have closed to ensure the room is in broom clean condition and that there are not any damages.

What if I am staying in GW Housing over the summer; when do I move into my summer assignment?

If you are staying in GW housing for the summer, you will transition to your new housing assignment on or around May 25, 2017. If you have questions or concerns regarding your transition, please contact Summer Housing at

What if I want to stay a few extra days after the residence halls close?

Undergraduate students who are interested in extending their housing must request Extended Stay Housing through a department or via the online request form, available at GW Housing e-Services. Extended stay housing is available to graduating seniors and their siblings, students working for a GW department, student athletes who are required to stay beyond May 17th, and Green Move-Out volunteers.

Graduate students are not able to extend their housing beyond May 22, 2017 at noon.

Can I check out a blue cart?

Yes! Blue carts will be available daily beginning on May 8th at the GW Housing office in Amsterdam Hall during all hours that traditional check-out is available. A limited number of carts will also be available at the Mount Vernon Key Depot. You will need to provide an ID other than your GWorld cart which will be held until you return the cart. Due to the high demand for carts during move-out, only one cart can be checked out by each student.

What should I do with my keys?

If you are completing an Express Check-Out, return your keys to the Key Depot. The Foggy Bottom Key Depot will be open 24/7 during the move-out period and the Mount Vernon Key Depot will be open from 8AM-8:30PM daily. During hours the MVC Key Depot is closed, there will be a drop box available to leave your keys.

Students completing a Traditional Check-Out will return their keys to the staff member checking them out.

Keys cannot be returned via mail - make sure to return all room and mailbox keys prior to leaving campus!!

What if I am moving out, but one or more of my roommates are still here; do I have to clean the whole room/apartment?

Your individual space needs to be clean and all personal items must be removed before you depart (i.e., desk, dresser, closet, bed, trash removed).  Additionally, equitable space in all common areas should be cleaned as well (kitchen, bathroom, hallways). Ultimately, if the space is left unclean all roommates could be assessed a broom clean fee.

Does everyone need to check-out, especially since my building has tap access and I don't even have a key?

Yes.  Every residential student who is moving out must complete either the traditional or express check out processes.

I left my part of the room broom clean when I moved out, but my roommate then moved things into my space and left it there. How do I make sure I am not charged for this?

If you are concerned about what will happen in your room after you move-out, we highly encourage you to complete a Traditional Check-Out and also to take your own pictures of the space when you leave. Students who compelte a traditional check-out are able to appeal any move-out charges and showing the condition you left the room in will help with any appeal. Students who complete an Express Check-Out are not able to appeal any charges to the space.

How do I get my mail and packages once I have moved-out?

If you anticipate continuing to receive mail at GW, please ensure that you have updated your forwarding address in Banweb by May 1st and also change your address for any banking, credit card, or subscriptions you receive. Mail forwarding adds additional time to the amount of time it will take for you to get your mail.