Planned Construction and Renovations

Planned Residence Hall Constructinon and Renovations

In 2013, the University developed a multi-year strategy to update and renovate its residential facilities, to continue to provide residence halls that support the academic experience  The type and scope of renovation work will vary based upon the building, taking into account feedback from campus residents, current building conditions, system upgrades that may be necessary, and availability of funding.  The University kicked-off this cycle in the Summer of 2014.  Buildings that were updated since this cycle began include:

  • 2014:  Greek Townhouse G&H, International House, and The Dakota
  • 2015:  Building JJ, Greek Townhouse A&B, Mitchell, and Strong
  • 2016:  2109 F Street,Greek Townhouse C&D, and JBKO
  • 2017:  FSK, Fulbright, Greek Townhouse E&F, and JBKO
  • 2018:  Guthridge, Munson, and Strong
  • 2019:  Greek Townhouse G&H, Guthridge, FSK, JBKO, Munson, and Merriweather
  • 2020:  Building JJ, Greek Townhouse A&B, Guthridge, International House, JBKO, Mabel Thurston, and Mitchell
We believe that this strategy for building upgrades will assist us in further enhancing the overall residential experience for our students.  These cyclical upgrades are in addition to processes the University already has in place for the ongoing preventative maintenance and repair of its residence halls, response to maintenance request through Fix-It, and move-in and move-out inspections to create accountability for the proper care of residential facilities by students.