Residence Hall Construction & Renovations

District House Residence Hall Construction

District House (previously Square 77) is located between 21st, 22nd, H and I Streets, N.W. is one of the 16 approved development sites GW's 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan. The university is constructing a new residence hall to be located on this site.

The property was previously occupied by the eight-story West End, Schenley, and Crawford residence halls, which are located within the boundaries of the proposed Foggy Bottom campus historic district. The university proposes to retain the front portions of the existing residence halls and construct a new 12-story infill addition that connects the existing residence halls. Upon completion, District House will have approximately 880 beds, including faculty and staff-in-residence apartment units.  The project will also include ground-floor retail along I Street as well as two stories of below grade space that contain additional retail and student life/student service space. 

District House is anticipated to be completed by summer 2016, in order to open in the fall for the 2016 academic year.

District House Construction Updates as well as a photos of current construction work available on the Neighborhood site.

Residence Hall Updates & Renovations

In 2013, the university developed a seven year strategy to update and renovate its residential facilities to continue to provide residence halls that help support the academic experience  The type and scope of renovations will vary based upon the building, taking into account feedback from campus residents, current building conditions, system upgrades that may be necessary and availability of funding.  The university kicked-off this cycle in summer of 2014.  Buildings that were updated since this cycle began include:

2014: City Hall, International House, and The Dakota
2015: Building JJ, Mitchell Hall, and Strong Hall
2016: JBKO, 2109 F St., Thurston Furniture 
We believe that this strategy for building upgrades will assist us in further enhancing the overall residential experience for our students.

These cyclical upgrades are in addition to processes the university already has in place for the ongoing preventative maintenance and repair of its residence halls, response to maintenance request through FixIt, and move-in and move-out inspections to create accountability for the proper care of residential facilities by students.

A small construction project is anticipated for South Hall during the Fall 2016 and potential Spring 2017 Semesters. While this work is not anticipated to be exceptionally noisy there will be phases and brief periods of time where it is more noticeable. Updates will be shared with residents in advance of this work.