Residence Hall Kitchen Availability

Below is a list of housing assignments grouped by the availability of in-unit kitchens.

Housing Assignments with No In-Unit Kitchen

Mitchell Hall
Thurston Hall
Clark Hall
Cole Hall
Hensley Hall
Madison Hall
Merriweather Hall
Potomac House
West Hall
Somers Hall
Lafayette Hall
International House single with private bathroom

Housing Assignments with In-Unit Kitchen

Guthridge Hall
FSK Hall
Munson Hall
Fulbright Hall
2109 F Street
International House*
The Dakota
Philip Amsterdam Hall
1959 E Street
Mark Shenkman Hall
South Hall
District House**
Greek Townhouses**
Small Townhouses**
Building JJ
*There is one tier in the building that does not have a kitchen in-unit
**Affinity Housing units in District House, Greek Housing, & Small Townhouses are considered to have in-unit kitchens