Rising Second- & Third-Year Students

Second- and third-year students are required to reside in on-campus housing in compliance with DC zoning restrictions and GW policy unless they have been approved for a Residency Exemption. Exemptions are rarely granted; however, students can request an exemption under specific conditions.

  • The Residency Exemption request form will be available via GW Housing e-Services in January 2019.
  • Students who register for classes for the Fall semester, do not apply for housing, and are not approved for a Residency Exemption will be administratively assigned to housing and will be responsible for all related housing and dining charges. 

The following buildings are available for  second- and third-year students for the 2018-2019 Academic year:

The following building is available for third-year students:

GW Housing encourages students to preference all available buildings and room types from their highest to lowest preference. Students should preference a minimum of 10-15 room types; upperclass students are not placed on the Mount Vernon Campus unless they preference a building on that campus as one of their top choices. Any room types on the Foggy Bottom that are not listed in your preferences will be considered your lowest preference. Not preferencing a building or room type does not mean that you will not be assigned there. Please keep in mind that rising third-year students receive preference in the housing assignment process.

**Due to a lack of availability, single apartments and single units with private bathrooms will not be available as a room preference on the general housing application. The only single options will be Mitchell Hall single with common bathroom or West Hall single suites.**