Room Up Keep

When you make GW your home, residence halls should be treated as such.  While support exists for maintenance issues, you are responsible for the basic upkeep of your room to include:

  • regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and fixtures within the licensed space and shared common areas
  • regularly taking out trash (and not clogging the chute)
  • cleaning the inside of your appliances and cabinets

To help pest control efforts:

  • properly store all food
  • clean up food spills
  • dispose of old pizza boxes in the trash room
  • report all pest issues

We recommend that you keep a small supply of cleaning supplies on hand in your room, including mops, buckets, vacuum cleaners or other cleaning equipment.

Take time regularly to complete these basic chores--don't wait for the day before your parents or loved ones visit!

For instructions and useful tips on operating and caring for appliances in residence hall rooms and general maintenance information, consult the Facilities Services website.

Facilities Customer Service can be reached by phone at (202) 994-2430.