Roommate Resources

Living with a Roommate in our Residence Halls

Learning how to effectively be part of a community and navigate the relationships you have with those you are living with is an essential skill for every resident to develop.  Our Residential Community Development Plan is our approach to programmatic initiatives and events hosted in the residence halls by our team.  The Plan focuses on building skills to support roommate relations, conflict management, interpersonal skills, and community responsibility.  These skills are essential to ensuring our residents have a positive experience at GW, but it also prepares residents for the future.     

Our team supports residents in building these skills through a variety of ways, some of which include roommate agreements, mediations and dialogues, and active and passive programming.  

Thinking about what you and your roommate can do together in the residence halls?  Check out GW Engage!

Navigating Conflict in Your Room

CLRE trains Peer Mediation Assistants who are equipped to help residents learn about conflict and resolution strategies.  They can also provide assistance in talking through disputes within a room.  Check out the tips below from the peer mediators if you're experiencing a potential conflict in your living space!  To talk to a Peer Mediation Assistant, reach out to your Community Coordinator/Area Coordinator.

Common Causes of Conflict

  • Poor communication
  • Misunderstanding
  • Differing perspectives/perceptions of a situation
  • Unwillingness to compromise

Tips & Tricks to Cope with Conflict

  • Remember to take a deep breath and remain calm/composed.
  • Always put yourself in the other person's shoes to see the conflict from their perspective
  • Understand before being understood
  • Keep in mind, awkwardness and uncomfortable feelings are natural and expected responses when in the middle of discussing conflict
  • Vocalizing a concern is better than remaining silent and allowing a problem to persist. The other person may not know that an action they are doing is negatively impacting you
  • Be respectful and treat the other person the way you would like to be treated