Spring 2021 Housing Information

Spring 2021 Housing Application Process is Closed 

On Monday, Oct. 26, GW emailed undergraduate students with information and the application form for students who would like to pursue living in a campus residence hall for the spring. Please click here to read the message. The lottery process for spring 2021 closed on Monday, Nov. 2. We are unable to accommodate any late requests for spring 2021 housing.

Students Approved or Not Approved for Spring 2021 Housing Notified

Students who applied for spring 2021 housing were notified if their application was approved or not approved via an email confirmation sent to individual applicants on Thursday, Nov. 5. If you applied for spring housing and were not notified of your status, please first check your spam folder and if a message is not there, please email [email protected] with a request to look into your application. 

Students approved for spring 2021 housing were invited to participate in the next step of the process-- an option to preference a suitemate for the spring 2021 semester. Students received their final assignments for spring 2021 housing on Thursday, Nov. 19. If you are a student who has been approved for spring housing and have questions about the process, please contact [email protected] or call 202-994-2552 so that a staff member can assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Spring 2021 Housing Process

Students will be able to preference living with a roommate/suitemate for spring 2021. All students will live in spaces with separate bedrooms and share a bathroom with no more than one other student. In the coming days, all undergraduate students will receive detailed instructions on how to apply for housing, including details about roommates/ suitemates. 

Students currently living on campus may cancel their housing assignment for the spring semester. An emal with instructions was sent on Oct. 22 to students to living on campus this fall with instructions on how to request to cancel their spring housing assignment.


On Monday, Oct. 26, GW emailed undergraduate students with information and that application form for students who would like to pursue living in a campus residence hall in the spring. You can read the message here.

We expect to offer 1,500 spots for housing in the spring. If we receive more than 1,500 applications, we will conduct a lottery to allocate these spaces. This supports an equitable process for all interested students.

Students who apply for spring 2021 housing through the housing application process will be unable to preference a building or room type. If a student has an accommodation listed on file with the Office of Disability Support Services and is selected through the application process, we will make sure their placements meets any accommodation needs.

Housing for the spring semester will be limited to the Foggy Bottom campus only. The halls are currently available: 1959 E Street, FSK, District House, Lafayette, One Washington Circle, Potomac, South Hall, The Aston, and Shenkman Hall. 

Students should only apply for the spring 2021 housing process if they are able to move onto campus and willing to adhere to the University's health and wellbeing guidance as outlined in the application notification and on GW's Coronavirus Response website. Once a students completes and accepts their housing agreement, the student is responsible for all fees associated with being on campus. 

The semester rate for a space with a kitchen is $6,000 plus the $1,570 for the associated meal plan. The semester rate for a space without a kitchen is $5,700 plus the $2,445.50 for the associated meal plan. If students have a question about financial assistance to live on campus, students should reach out to the Financial Aid office at [email protected]

No, the 10% tuition reduction will only be offered to full-time undergraduate students who are not living on campus. 

Students who are living on campus will be expected to adhere to all University policies including the Code of Conduct and any health and safety guidelines. For more information about what is expected from on-campus residents, please click here.

Yes- if your application is accepted through the lottery process, you will be required to live on campus for the spring 2021 semester and will be responsible for any associated fees. If you would like to rescind your application for consideration, you need to email [email protected] with your name and GWID by Monday, Nov. 2 at 4p.m. EST.