Spring Extended Stay Housing

Spring 2022 Extended Stay

  • All undergraduate residence halls will close on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at noon for the 2022 Spring semester at which point GWorld access will be deactivated except for approved extended stay residents
  • All students must vacate their housing assignments 24 hours after their last final exam or by May 11, 2022 at noon, whichever comes first.
  • After this time, residents will be charged a $150 improper check-out fee.

The following groups are automatically granted extended stay housing and do not need to apply:

  • Graduating Seniors
  • Green Move-Out Volunteers who have shifts on or after May 11th
  • Students who have a summer housing reservation for Summer Session 1 or Full Summer
  • Students working for a GW department that has an approved request for their staff

The following groups may submit a request to be considered for extended stay:

  • Siblings of graduating seniors who currently live on campus
  • Students who believe they have an extenuating circumstance  

How to request extended stay housing

  • Individual requests: Please email [email protected] with the subject, "2022 Spring Extended Stay Application"  and reason for request. We will be accepting exemption requests until April 28th at 5 PM. Please note that requesting Extended Stay Housing does not guarantee that you will be approved.  
  • Department requests: Campus Living will collect information from GW departments for students who are required to stay after May 11th for on-campus commitments.

Students not approved for Extended Stay Housing must move out no later than Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at noon.

Extended Stay Housing cannot be extended beyond noon, Monday, May 16th unless a student is living in on-campus GW Summer Housing. Extended stay is not provided as a short term housing option for students who may have an off-campus lease beginning after May 11, 2022. Any requests to stay in housing after Wednesday, May 11th will be denied.

Students who are approved for Extended Stay Housing are subject to all campus and residence hall policies.  Additionally, residents are not permitted to have any overnight guests who are not approved for Extended Stay Housing during this extended housing period. Any violation of policy can result in immediate loss of Extended Stay Housing, requiring a student to immediately vacate campus.

GW Summer Housing Transition Information

Students who have a summer housing reservation for Summer 2022 are automatically granted extended stay and will remain in their Spring Assignment until the designated transition period (May 16-20), at which point they will transition into their Summer Assignment. All moves from spring to summer housing occur during the day and overnight moves are not permitted, please plan accordingly. GW Campus Living will be in touch with all summer residents in mid April with more information about transitioning to their summer assignment.