Summer Housing for GW Greeks

GW students have the added option to reside on one of GW's owned and operated on-campus Greek houses for the summer months.  Many chapters that have on-campus Greek housing during the academic year, also have availability during the summer season.  

2020 Important Dates

Summer Session Dates:
We offer summer housing to GW Students based on the Summer Session Academic dates. 

  • Summer Session 1: May 18 - June 27, 2020 (continuous housing from your Spring Assignment if you have one)
  • Summer Session 2: June 28 - August 8, 2020 (continuous housing to your Fall Assignment if you have one)

Transition Dates:
If you have a housing assignment during the school year, GW Students are offered continuous housing from Spring Semester to Summer Session to Fall Semester. All students transition from academic year housing to summer housing on pre determined days to assure that your new space will be ready for you and to allow time for your previous space to be cleaned for the next resident. 

  • Spring 2020 Study Abroad: After creating your reservation contact Summer Housing to indicate that you will need an earlier move-in date if your return to DC is prior to May 21, 2020
  • Spring Semester to Summer Transition Housing Assignment: May 21, 2020
  • Summer to Fall Semester Transition Housing Assignment: August 18 or 11, 2020 depending on your hall

2020 Greek Housing Options

Our different Greek summer housing options for GW undergraduates vary by location.  All Greek housing options are available to be reserved as a Summer I only stay, a Summer II only stay, or as an Entire Summer stay.  

  • Quads:  Not Available in 2020
  • Doubles:  Greek Townhouse Row, Small Greek Townhouses, and Strong Hall
  • Single Bedroom with a Common, Adjoined, or Private Bath in Small Greek Townhouses and Strong Hall

If your Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 housing assignment is in any of these buildings, and you choose the same building and room type for your summer assignment, the Greek House Manager of the specific chapter has the option to manually reassign you to that room.  This is in an effort to prevent you from having to move multiple times during the transition between Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters.  

2020 Rates

All rates are for the date ranges specified below. These date ranges are firm and based on the GW academic Summer Sessions terms. 

Transition Dates: 

  • Spring Study Abroad: After creating your reservation contact Summer Housing to indicate that you will need an earlier move-in date
  • Spring to Summer Housing Assignment: May 21
  • Summer to Fall Housing Assignment: August 8 or 11 depending on the building
  • Last day of Summer Housing for those with no on-campus fall assignment: August 8

Quads, Building JJ

  • CLOSED in 2020

Doubles, all locations

  • Summer 1 only: May 18  –  June 27: $1,850
  • Summer 2 only:  June 28 – August 8:  $1,850
  • Entire summer stay: May 18 – August 8: $3,300

Singles, all location

  • Summer 1 only: May 18 –  June 27: $2,000
  • Summer 2 only:  June 28 – August 8:   $2,000
  • Entire summer stay: May 18 – August 8: $3,550

GW undergraduate students are not subject to the 14.95% DC Accommodations Tax.  A $100 Administrative Fee will be added to the total cost of housing with each reservation. 

Reservation Process

  1. Contact the House Manager of the chapter with which you would like to live and alert him/her of your interest in living in the chapter's house for summer.
  2. Apply online through our Summer Housing Application Portal and choose the appropriate chapter house after selecting the GW-operated Greek housing option.
  3. After signing up, the House Manager will be notified of your application and will be required to approve/confirm your reservation made to GW Housing.  If the chapter does not approve your housing reservation, we will arrange alternate housing in one of our residence halls based on your initial housing request (alternate housing may require an additional cost).

2020 Sororities

Alpha Delta Pi 
Townhouse H


Alpha Epsilon Phi
2121 F St


Alpha Phi 
Townhouse B


Chi Omega
Strong Hall (Floors 5-6)


Kappa Delta
Townhouse E


Kappa Phi Lambda
2123 F Street NW


Phi Sigma Sigma
Townhouse F


Pi Beta Phi
Strong Hall (Floors 3-4)


Sigma Delta Tau
Townhouse G


Sigma Kappa
Townhouse D


Sigma Psi Zeta
2206 F Street NW


2020 Fraternities 

Alpha Kappa Alpha/Alpha Phi Alpha 
605 21st St NW

Beta Thea Pi
Townhouse C


Kappa Alpha Order
605 22nd Street NW


Kappa Sigma
Building JJ


Phi Beta Sigma
2208 F St NW


Sigma Chi
Townhouse A


Zeta Beta Tau


While GW has many more affiliated Greek chapters, only those listed above have on-campus housing that is managed and maintained by the George Washington University and is available for reservation through GW's Summer & Conference Housing Program.