Summer Reservations for GW Students

2020 Summer housing is available for current GW Undergraduate Students from May 20-August 8, 2020.  There is no specific summer housing for Graduate students in 2020 & 2021. 

If you have a Spring Semester housing assignment you will remain in that space until you move to your summer assignment on May 20.  You will move into your Fall Semester assignment, or off campus, on August 8 or 11 depending on the building.  Please plan your summer schedules accordingly.

Reservation Process

1.  Use your NetID and password to access the Summer Housing Application.

2.  Enter your contact information, details about the reason for your stay, and provide your preferred Summer session stay.

3.  Select from among the various housing options, rank room types and make a room selection.

4.  Agree to the terms and conditions of the Summer Housing License Agreement.

5.  Submit your initial deposit at the time of reservation and pay your final payment for housing prior to your arrival.


Reservation Details

Different than academic-year housing fees, all summer housing charges are billed and paid directly to GW Housing.  These fees cannot be charged to an individual's Student Account, nor can a student apply residual financial aid on their Student Account to pay for summer housing.

2020 Deposits

  • Beginning of the reservation period through May 1, 2020: A minimum deposit of 10% of the total reservation cost. 
  • May 2, 2020 and after: A minimum deposit of 25% of the total reservation cost. 

Please note that only VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are accepted through our application portal.

Final Payment

Payment in full is due by Transition Day prior to moving into your summer assignment without exception.  You can only be checked-in when the housing balance has been paid in full.  Failure to make timely payments will result in forfeiture of the space.

Any student that has residual financial aid on their Student Account, can request a check payment from Colonial Central.  The check payment will be made direct to the student, who in turn will make payment from those funds directly to GW Housing.  Students in this situation should plan accordingly for the time necessary for this request to be processed by Student Accounts.  


If you wish to live with a specific roommate(s), GW students will have the option to request up to three other roommates after each individual has secured their own summer housing reservation.  

  1. Each student must initiate a second login into our Summer Housing Application Portal in order to submit a roommate request. 
  2. You will be prompted to cycle through some of the demographic/information screens of the application before reaching the roommate request page.  
  3. You will need to provide your roommates’ participant number and the email address they provided to GW when they registered for summer housing.  
  4. The participant number can be found in the confirmation email, which is sent immediately after securing a summer housing assignment. 

Roommate requests are not guaranteed and are subject to space availability. Roommate requests must be mutual (i.e. all interested parties must indicate on their own reservation that they are requesting a specific roommate(s).  

The last day to submit a roommate request electronically is May 1.

Gender Inclusive Roommate Requests

George Washington University permits gender neutral roommate requests. Such requests must also be completely mutual.  Similar to the academic year, gender inclusive requests must fill the complete unit capacity (double, triple, quad) which was selected when making the housing reservation.  Guests are encouraged to consider their personal need for privacy before submitting a gender inclusive roommate request.Guests should consider that space in Lafayette Hall does not have separate living and sleeping space and are encouraged to consider their personal need for privacy before submitting a gender neutral roommate request. Gender neutral roommate requests are not available for Greek housing.

Students with academic year DSS accommodations will have equivalent accommodation met for their summer reservation. Housing assignments will be limited to the listed buildings dedicated to GW students for the summer session, students will likely not be able to stay in their current academic year assignment.

  • To reserve your summer housing, complete the summer housing application process by selecting the option most closely matches your DSS accommodation. 
  • Once you have completed the application and submitted your deposit send an email to [email protected] indicating that you would like an equivalent DSS accommodation for the summer. Our staff will verify the request and your academic year accommodation.
  • Summer Housing staff will manually change your reservation assignment to the appropriate room type and update all appropriate charges. You can review the updated information by logging back into the housing application. 

GW students are highly encouraged not to take on the property of friends and provide "storage" in their room assignment during the summer months as this is often problematic for the summer student.  GW Housing does not provide any separate storage options to academic-year residents over the summer months.

Room Occupation Policy

Space must be occupied by the summer resident to whom it is assigned and you cannot sublet to any other person.  Summer residents are not permitted to take on roommates or share their space with any non-paying guest.  Housing is not provided to families or couples. 

Room Assignment and Roommate Information

Similar to booking a hotel, initially your assignment confirmation will contain only a building assignment and assignment to a specific unit type (i.e. double, quad, single with common bath).  Prior to arrival, typically in mid-May, specific room assignments and roommate details will be available through the Summer Housing reservation portal. 

2020Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests of a summer housing assignment must be submitted to GW Summer & Conference Housing by completing the online.   Refunds and penalties vary based on the date of the cancellation as outlined below.

a)  A reservation cancellation request received by May 1, 2020, will be granted a full refund of any monies paid and release from further financial obligations.

b)  A reservation cancellation request received after May 1, 2020, will result in forfeiture of all monies paid and release from  further financial obligations.

If the Licensee does not arrive within seven (7) days after the scheduled date of arrival, the reservation will be cancelled and all monies paid will be forfeited.  

If the Licensee changes the date of arrival, and subsequently cancels the reservation, the Licensee is still bound by the cancellation policy with their original scheduled date of arrival.  Failure to notify GW Housing of their cancellation request shall result in forfeiture of all previous payments in full.

Sumbit  a Cancellation Request