What is an RMS ID?

Your RMS ID is a 5-digit number that is assigned to you for housing purposes.  It is used by the Residential Management System (RMS) that manages our housing assignments and is not your GWid.  This number is unique to you and stays with you for the duration of your undergraduate enrollment at GW. It is used to identify you as a roommate in a roommate group should you wish to apply for housing with other individuals. This number is not shared by our office with your desired roommates and it is up to you as the individual to share it with those students that you wish to live with.

How can I locate my RMS ID?

First, log in to the GW Housing e-Services. You will then find the RMS ID Lookup under the menu item with your first name. It is available on each webpage.

You can also contact GW Housing if you are unable to locate your RMS ID.

I need my roommates' RMS ID numbers for my application. How do I obtain them?

You must contact the individuals with whom you wish to live to secure their RMS IDs. Our office cannot provide you with other students' ID numbers for security purposes.

Who else should have my RMS ID number?

Your RMS ID number should only be shared with your desired roommates in order to ensure that your roommate group is valid.