GW students will find a wide variety of interesting dining options on campus and within the city. The GW Dining program is comprised of GW Campus Dining and GWorld Dining partners, all accessible using your GWorld card

The GW Dining program delivers an exceptional college dining experience by offering students freedom of choice to make the dining and retail purchases that best suit their individual lifestyles. This program enables students to eat according to their individual dietary needs and schedules.

GW Campus Dining

GW Campus Dining is comprised of 10 on-campus dining options where both Campus Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash can be used.  Visit GW Campus Dining for more information.

Campus Dining Dollars on the GWorld Card: Available for use at any of the 10 GW Campus Dining venues at the Marvin Center, Duquès Hall and on the Mount Vernon Campus.

Colonial Cash on the GWorld Card: A declining balance, individualized dining program, featuring over 140 dining and retail options on campus and throughout the city

GW Campus Dining is also committed to offering competitively priced options, providing GW students a better value. Use GWorld (Campus Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash) to pay in on-campus venues, including J Street, G-Dub Java, and Pelham Commons, and you will save 10 percent over DC restaurants, because these venues are DC sales tax free.

Visit the GW Dining website for more information.

GWorld Dining Partners

The university dining program includes over 90 GWorld dining partners where Colonial Cash can be used.

GW Campus Dining Program

Please visit the GWorld website for more information regarding the GW Campus Dining Program, including: