Fall 2021: Campus Living and Residential Education Guest Policy

Updated Fall 2021: Campus Living and Residential Education Guest Policy

Effective OCTOBER 14, at 7 am, the following policy adjustments are in effect:    

  • Each resident of a unit can host up to two GW-affiliated guests in their room. A GW-affiliated guest is defined as any student, staff or faculty member who is participating in the university’s required health and safety protocols, ie: vaccine and testing requirements. 
  • There are no restrictions on visiting hours; guests are allowed to stay overnight.
  • Up to two guests per resident means if there are 3 roommates present, there is a 6 person guest limit within the suite/unit at one time.
  • No outside guests are allowed to visit the residence halls at any time. This includes friends and/or family who are not part of GW’s health and safety protocols.  We will make an exception at the end of the semester during move-out similar to what we implement for move-in. 

Residents, when hosting a guest in your room, be mindful of the following:  

  • Residents and their guests are still expected to adhere to the university’s mask policy that you must wear a mask indoors if in the presence of another individual unless in the process of actively eating or drinking. 
  • The host resident is responsible for their guest’s behavior when their guest is in their unit. A violation of policy may result in the resident and the guest each receiving similar sanctions.
  • Abide by quiet and courtesy hours (see below). 

Guests are not allowed to visit under the following circumstances: 

  • If you or your suitemate are under quarantine or isolation, the no guest policy remains in effect. Do not allow visitors into your room/unit if you are in quarantine or isolation. That defeats the purpose of those safety measures.  
  • If a guest is showing any symptoms of being sick, the guest should depart immediately and call a medical provider for assistance. 

**Please be aware that this fall 2021 guest policy adjustment is contingent upon continued successful adherence by the majority of residents to the public health measures that have limited the rates of COVID-19 transmission on campus. All guest restrictions will be reinstated if public health conditions warrant or compliance with the revised guidelines is not met. We have confidence in our residents’ ongoing commitment to the health of our campus as we implement this revised guest policy for, hopefully, the rest of this semester.