Fall 2023 Move-Out


All university residence halls will close and GWorld access to buildings and rooms will turn off at 5:00 pm EST on TUEsday, December 19, 2023, UNLESS APPROVED FOR EXTENDED STAY OR WINTER BREAK HOUSING.

  • Students who have final exams on December 19 are eligible for fall extended stay housing to provide time to depart or move out past December 19. On October 17, a fall extended stay request form will open for students who need to stay past December 19.
  • Students who do not vacate the residence halls by 5:00 pm EST on the last day of move-out and are not approved for Winter Break Housing will be charged a $150 improper checkout fee.
  • Students who have Fall-Only housing, who canceled their Spring semester housing, or who are not planning to return to GW for the Spring semester must completely vacate their room upon leaving for the semester.
  • Students who are doing an end-of-semester room change must move all of their belongings into their Spring 2024 assignment before they leave for Winter Break.
  • Students with a Spring housing assignment and who are living in the same room for the Spring semester do not need to remove their belongings from their room, but they will not have access to the room during the Winter Break period unless they have been approved for Winter Break Housing.

If you have questions or concerns about damages or potential charges in your space, please talk to your Community Coordinator/Area Coordinator.

Things to do Before you Move Out

  • Ensure you understand the room departure, "broom clean" and key return requirements for move-out. If everyone in your suite is moving out, the entire suite should be left in broom-clean condition. If you are the only person moving out, your space within the room/suite must be left broom clean. If you have questions about the broom clean policy, please talk with your Community Coordinator/Area Coordinator.
  • Update your permanent and current address information in GWeb.
  • Make plans for storage and/or shipping services for your belongings.
    • By shipping your packages via FedEx or UPS, rates will be approximately 20 to 60 percent lower than using other carriers. You may take advantage of these special savings for personal shipping by visiting GW Mail and Package Services located at 2025 F St., NW. 
  • Complete your GW financial and registration transactions before you depart campus.
  • Submit any FixIt Requests for your space.
  • Students should contact their Community Coordinator/Area Coordinator to record any issues within their space that they do not believe they are responsible for prior to leaving.
    • NOTE: Requesting staff to record this information does not guarantee that you will not be charged.

Things to do on Your Move-Out Day

Your Room

  • Make sure that your room is "broom clean."  This means all personal items have been removed, the floor is clear, there is no missing or extra furniture, and the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and microwave are empty and cleaned.
  • Complete the express check out via the E-Services portal.
  • Return all keys borrowed from Key Depot back to Key Depot at the Support Building at 2025 F St. (Foggy Bottom) or Somers Hall front desk (Mount Vernon Campus) during business hours.
  • If you need a moving cart, please visit your closest neighborhood hub.

Final Tips

  • Do not pack items in garbage bags. These items may be mistaken for trash, and items taken to the dumpsters cannot be retrieved.
  • The university is not liable for personal items left behind. Any items left after you move out will be considered abandoned and discarded.
  • After move-out, GW staff members will visit all rooms to ensure that they have been left in broom clean condition. Students will be notified if they are charged for any damages or housekeeping.
  • If you’re graduating, consider obtaining an alumni GWorld Card and stay in touch with your alma mater through the Alumni Online Community.


Appeal Process

For students who are assigned a damage charge or broom clean fine, there is an appeal process:

  • All students who wish to appeal a charge must appeal individually.  One student cannot appeal on behalf of an entire room.
  • Appeals based solely on the fact that a student was not the last person to move out of the room will not be granted.
  • All communication regarding move-out charges will be sent to your GW email account.  Appeal instructions will be included with any damage notifications.

Move-Out FAQs

When do I have to move out?

All undergraduate residence halls close on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 5:00 pm EST. All students without an exemption are expected to move out 24 hours after their last exam or the day that the residence halls close, whichever comes first.

Can I check out a blue cart?

Yes! Blue carts will be available in your neighborhood hub for check-out. You will need to provide an ID other than your GWorld card, which will be held until you return the cart. Due to the high demand for carts during Move-Out, only one cart can be checked out by each student.

Carts will be available in each neighborhood:

East Commons

  • Thurston Hall
North Village
  • District House
  • JBKO Hall
South Square
  • Potomac House
  • South Hall
West Way
  • Amsterdam Hall
  • Shenkman Hall
The Vern
  • Webb Building
If I'm moving out but my roommate is staying, do I need to clean the whole room/apartment?

Your individual space needs to be clean and all personal items must be removed before you depart (e.g., desk, dresser, closet, bed, trash removed).  Additionally, shared spaces should be cleaned as well (kitchen, bathroom(s), hallways, closets).

What happens if I receive mail after I move out?

If you anticipate continuing to receive mail at GW, please ensure that you have updated your forwarding address in GWeb. Also, change your address for any banking, credit card, or subscriptions you receive. Mail forwarding adds additional time to the amount of time it will take for you to get your mail.

Contact GW Mail and Package Services for more information.