Affinity Housing

Affinity Housing presents the opportunity for students at the George Washington University to define and create their own living community around their particular needs and interests. This is a great opportunity for registered student organizations, athletic groups, and academic groups to live together, but Affinity groups are not required to be tied to organization or department.    

All members of an affinity group will play a role in leading and crafting the shared experiences of their community.  Affinity communities have the opportunity to receive programmatic support to build connections among themselves and the larger residential community, as well as the intentional support from residential staff.

All affinities are located within the District House residence hall on the north and south ends of the building.

If you're a current Affinity resident who questions about affinity living, please contact your Community Coordinators for District House.

district house north affinity dimensions


North Affinity Dimensions



district house South affinity dimensions


South Affinity Dimension



The affinity housing groups in previous years have included:

  • African Women
  • Bandfinity
  • Business Pros
  • Casa Blanca
  • FirstGen
  • Men of Color
  • Muslim Women
  • Sustainability
  • Women of Color

Claudet Miranda

"The Affinity Housing at District House has been a positive experience because it has allowed me to build a community with other Latinx on campus.  It is not only our dorm, it is our home; without our affinity, that would have never been possible.  We have built a family."

Claudet Miranda (she/her)

GW Affinity Housing Member


If one of these current affinities does not pique your interest, you will have the opportunity to submit materials, including a purpose statement and confirmed roster, for review and consideration to be a new affinity group. New affinity groups will be considered and approved based on availability.