Affinity Housing

Affinity Housing presents the opportunity for GW students to define and create their own living community around their particular needs and interests.  This is a great opportunity for registered student organizations, athletic groups, and academic groups to live together, but Affinity groups are not required to be tied to organization or department.    

Apply Now

The 2020-2021 Affinity Housing group application process will open on January 24th.  If you have any questions about Affinity Housing, please contact Lauren Murphy at [email protected]

Affinity Housing groups for the 2020-2021 academic year include:

Affinity Coordinator Email
Allied in Pride and AQWA Zhangzhu Wan [email protected]
Bandfinity Emma Marszalek [email protected]
Business Pros Alex Kakadiaris [email protected]
Casa Blanca Michelle Luse [email protected]
Feminist Student Union Maddie Sullivan [email protected]
Frisbee Olivia De Lorenzo [email protected]
Global Connections Laura Kiker [email protected]
Honors Ben Faulkner [email protected]
Muslim Women Farhana Alam [email protected]
Sustainability Sabrina Godin [email protected]
Women of Color Kamiah Brown [email protected]

Affinity Housing groups for the 2019-2020 academic year include:

  • Allied in Pride and AQWA: 20-person
  • Artsfinity: 20-person
  • Bandfinity: 16-person
  • Business Pros: 16-person
  • Casa Blanca: 20-person
  • Epsilon Sigma Alpha: 16-person
  • Feminist Student Union: 20-person
  • First-Gen: 16-person
  • GW Club Ultimate Frisbee: 16-person
  • Muslim Women: 16-person
  • Sustainability: 20-person 
  • Women of Color: 20-person



  • Must have a minimum of 14 participants. Groups interested in District House must have a minimum of either 16 or 20 participants.
  • Neither the individual members nor the organization can have an active judicial sanction.
  • Affinities representing a student organization must be registered members of that organization (membership can be updated through Engage).  
Each Affinity Housing group will identify an individual to serve as their Affinity Group Coordinator (AGC). AGCs foster positive community environments and ensure the needs of residents in the affinity group are addressed. The AGC role is paramount to ensuring that the affinity group is connected to staff, faculty, and campus resources that support the Affinity Housing Program. The AGC must live with the Affinity Group and will have the following responsibilities:
  • Completion of the Affinity Housing Group Application.
  • Serve as the primary decision maker between the community and the university; specifically, they will be the point person for all communications between the Affinity Group and the Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) team.   
  • Work with the Area Coordinator of the residence hall and the CLRE team on occupancy of the space. They will maintain their roster and notify the university if anyone has moved out and work with the members of their Affinity Group to identify someone to fill the vacancy.
  • Actively contribute to the growth of the community, including meeting one-on-one with the Area Coordinator of the building, and attending AGC group meetings to discuss general Affinity community topics.
  • Coordinating programming with their Affinity for the entire community each month within their Affinity or in common lounge space.  
  • Regularly walk common spaces to report facilities and/or security related issues through established University protocols.  
  • The AGC receive a reduction in their housing rate and receive training to ensure success in execution of their responsibilities.  They will be granted early arrival each semester to prepare the Affinity space to welcome new members and to meet other AGCs and residence hall staff. Early arrival is optional.
Should a group not have an AGC or the AGC leaves the community, the Affinity group will elect a representative to fill the position.
Affinity Housing will be available in the following residence halls for the 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Online applications for the 2020-2021 academic year open on January 24th and close February 18th at 5pm EST.  
Applications are found through Engage, and include:
  • Two short answer questions
    • Although many groups are not in a residential setting, affinity housing serves as an opportunity for a group to grow together around a shared theme or goal in a communal environment.  Our residence halls offer student lounges to hold events, large kitchen areas for shared meals, and access to supports such as RHA and Resident Advisors.  How would your organization specifically benefit from living in a shared space and benefit the residence hall/greater GW community?
    • There are many advantages for student organizations that contain a group of their members that live together in an affinity.  However, for those organizations that have groups larger than the affinity has space to house them, it may present challenges in decision making for the organization and everyone feeling involved in the organization.  Do you see any challenges for your organization and what would be your plans on ensuring that this does not hinder your organization’s culture and ability to achieve its goals?
  • Preliminary roster
    • Preliminary roster must include their Affinity members first name, last name, RMS ID, GWID, gender, GW email address, and graduation year for each expected participant.  If selected, Affinity Coordinators will have the opportunity to reconfirm their roster during their assignment process.  
  • Letter of support from an executive board member of your organization (registered student organizations only).

Currently no timeline has been set for the 2021-2022 Affinity Process. The timeline from 2020 was:
  • Applications will open January 24th on Engage 
  • Applications close February 18th
  • Notifications of status go out on February 20th
  • Affinities need to confirm their commitment through signing their program agreement, by February 24th by 5pm
  • Affinity Coordinators will have scheduled training to learn how to manage their room assignments, date TBD.