Shipping & Storage

You may use a vendor of your choosing to ship belongings directly to campus. Items must be sent to the appropriate mailing address for the residence hall you will be living in and be clearly labeled.

  • Packages may be picked up from Mail & Package Services.
  • Please note that the use of portable storage devices such as PODs or similar container services is prohibited.


Interstate Moving

Interstate Moving is the official storage and shipping partner of George Washington University.  Students living on campus are encouraged to store and ship their items with Interstate Moving while away from campus for the summer or while studying abroad. The company accepts reservations online and offers pickup to on-campus locations and delivery to on- and off-campus locations.


At this time, Interstate Moving registration has closed for the summer.

Summer and Study Abroad Storage

Interstate Moving offers pickup or delivery year-round and prices items on a per-term (summer or semester) basis. They deliver free packing supplies on campus to students who sign up for their storage or shipping services.

How it works:
  • Register at Interstate Moving
  • Once confirmed, you receive free packing materials from Interstate;
  • You are required to pack up your own items;
  • Interstate picks up your items from your current housing assignment;
  • Interstate drops off your items to your future housing assignment prior to your arrival.

Please be aware that Interstate is the only company the university partners with to offer this door-to-door service. Should you choose another vendor of your own accord, they will not have access to your residence hall or room to pick-up your belongings this semester or drop-off your boxes and items in your fall room prior to your arrival. The university is unable to resolve issues with other companies.

Early Delivery to Residence Halls

The contract with Interstate Moving includes early delivery drop-off for on-campus students.  Campus Living & Residential Education staff escort Interstate Moving crew members into the residence halls so your items are waiting for you when you arrive. Other storage companies are not permitted to deliver items early.

Frequently Asked Questions: Interstate Moving & Summer Storage

We have partnered with Interstate Moving to provide two dates that you may pick up boxes and other packing materials on campus:

  • Monday, April 18, 9am-5pm
  • Monday, May 2, 9am-5pm

Material pick-up will happen at:

  • Foggy Bottom: Charles E. Smith Center (600 22nd Street NW)

Update: Mount Vernon Campus material pick up will occur on a yet to be determined day in late April / early May.

Campus Living & Residential Education will provide carts for you to be able to transport your boxes back to your residence hall and room.

No, you are not required to be present when Interstate Moving picks up your belongings from your room. In fact, we expect that most students will have already departed by the dates Interstate plans to pick up items from rooms (scheduled for May 12-19). Campus Living & Residential Education staff will escort Interstate Moving through the residence halls for the item pick-up process.

Signing up for Interstate Moving's service will not be an approved reason to receive extended stay housing.

Yes, Interstate Moving will also have late May pick-up dates for students with pre-approved reasons for staying past May 16 (ex: student-athletes in conference and post-season competition). Those pick-up dates will be confirmed in May, but you will not need to be present on the date that Interstate Moving picks up your belongings.

No, you are not required to be present when Interstate Moving delivers your belongings to your fall semester room in early-to-mid August. Your items will be delivered to your room prior to your arrival to campus. Campus Living & Residential Education staff will escort Interstate Moving through the residence halls for the item delivery process.

Yes, Interstate Moving has the ability to deliver to off-campus locations. You may be charged a fee for off-campus delivery. Questions about off-campus delivery should be directed to [email protected].

Yes, Interstate Moving has the ability to store items for both summer and fall 2022, for delivery back to campus in January 2023. Questions about extended summer and fall storage should be directed to [email protected].

Use of Other Storage Options

GW does not provide storage on campus.  While we recommend Interstate Moving, students can choose any company they wish for storage and shipping services.  There are numerous vendors in the DC area that do provide storage and many offer their services on campus during the move-out period. As these are all independent companies not affiliated with the university, we recommend researching each company before storing your items with them.  Other companies are not allowed into the residence halls and rooms and should you use their services you will be required to arrange pick-up and delivery at a location outside of your residence hall.

  • These companies will not be permitted to come inside any residence hall and/or room to pick-up your belongings this spring. As you depart campus at the end of this semester, you will be required to take the belongings you intend to store out of your residence hall yourself and arrange for delivery to your storage company. Also, you will not be permitted to leave any to-be-stored belongings in your room for an after move-out pick-up. When you depart, your room will need to be completely cleaned and emptied of all belongings.
  • These companies will not be permitted to come inside any residence halls or rooms to deliver belongings next academic year. Non-approved companies will not be granted access to drop off your belongings in your room before you arrive for next academic year. When you arrive back on campus (either in the fall or spring, if you study abroad), you will be required to receive your belongings outside of your residence hall and move your belongings into your room by yourself without the assistance of that company
  • GW and the Campus Living & Residential Education team are not responsible or able to assist if any issues arise with your use of a non-preferred storage service company.