Summer Housing


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Summer 2023 Housing

Campus Living and Residential Education is looking forward to safely housing GW students, and welcoming non-GW groups and individuals in the residence halls in Summer 2023. GW students are eligible to live in summer housing if they meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current GW undergraduate student in spring 2023. Students returning from study abroad or any spring semester leaves are eligible to live in summer housing.
  • Be a GW undergraduate student in summer or fall 2023. Incoming first-year students for fall 2023 are not eligible to live in summer housing.
  • Be involved in an educationally-related activity during the summer, including but not limited to: taking classes, participating in a structured internship (in-person or virtual), having employment or other work, or involvement in summer-long service opportunities

All Summer 2023 housing will be for the entire summer, and there will not be any prorated summer housing options. Session I-only or Session II-only housing will only be open to students in pre-approved university summer programs, such as Summer Academy.

Summer Housing Options and Costs for GW Students

Campus Living & Residential Education offers summer housing options across all price ranges. All rooms in each housing option are the same cost, regardless of building and room size. Our Summer 2023 housing options and corresponding costs per person are:

Housing Option Full Summer Cost for GW Students

Buff & Blue Option

  • South Hall
  • 1959 E Street

Summer 2023 costs coming soon

Monumental Option

  • District House
  • Shenkman Hall
  • Amsterdam Hall

Summer 2023 costs coming soon

Capital Option

  • 2109 F Street
  • Building JJ
  • FSK Hall
  • Fulbright Hall
  • International House
  • JBKO Hall
  • Munson Hall

Summer 2023 costs coming soon

Raise High Option

  • Lafayette Hall
  • Madison Hall
  • Mitchell Hall
  • Potomac House

Summer 2023 costs coming soon

Vern Option

  • Somers Hall
  • West Hall

Summer 2023 costs coming soon

Fraternity & Sorority Option

  • Strong Hall
  • Small Townhouses (non-Townhouse Row townhouses)
  • Townhouse Row

This option is only open to members of eligible GW fraternity and sorority chapters. All chapters determine their housing roster.

Summer 2023 costs coming soon

The following residence halls are offline or reserved this summer, and unavailable for GW students to live in for Summer 2023:

  • Offline for Renovations or Facilities Work:
    • The Dakota
    • Guthridge Hall
  • Unavailable for General GW Summer Assignment:
    • Clark Hall
    • Cole Hall
    • Hensley Hall
    • Merriweather Hall
    • Thurston Hall