Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant

Level of Support: Student Support I

Wage per Hour: $15.00 - $15.50

Position Type: FWS and Non-FWS

Number of Openings: 1

Position Specific Summary: The CLRE Social Media Assistant will serve as student staff member on the Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) team.  We strive to foster inclusive residential environments where students have opportunities to grow and develop into leaders, value civility and respect, and thrive as members of the GW community.  The CLRE Social Media Assistant will be responsible for providing assistance with the CLRE social media presence through the HomeatGW Instagram account; actively monitoring other student-read social media accounts; and reviewing the website for errors and out of date information.  Through this position, the CLRE Social Media Assistant will create and maintain a positive and appropriate representation of CLRE through digital content strategies.

Standard Position Description:

  • The student will assist in the management of the HomeatGW Instagram account through maintaining a positive and active social media presence.
  • Tasks may include: maintaining the social media accounts, monitoring other student-read social media accounts. reviewing and updating the CLRE website, and effectively communicating messages to the residential community
  • Special projects or duties may be assigned related to specific needs of CLRE.

Professional Outcomes: Collaboration, Leadership, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Global Perspective, Technology, and Information Management

Required Qualifications: This is an entry level position, little to no experience required, all training will be provided. 

Preferred Qualifications: Background in Instagram and social media management; Hootsuite; and/or Canva, excellent oral and written communication skills, meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills, ability to multitask, willing to learn.