Peer Mediation Assistant

Peer Mediation Assistant

Level of Support: Student Events Assistant

Wage per Hour: $15.00 - $15.50

Position Type: FWS and Non-FWS

Number of Openings: 4

Position Specific Summary: The CLRE Peer Mediation Assistant will serve as a student staff member on the Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) team.  We strive to foster inclusive residential environments where students have opportunities to grow and develop into leaders, value civility and respect, and thrive as members of the GW community.  The CLRE Peer Mediation Assistant will support our residential communities through offering peer perspective, alternatives, and resources to support peers on interpersonal conflict issues.  The CLRE Peer Mediation Assistant will be supervised by the CLRE professional staff. 

Standard Position Description: 

  • The student will support individuals in situations requiring peer support or guidance. 
  • Tasks may include: mediating low-level conflicts between residential students; offering peer-to-peer guidance on navigating interpersonal conflicts; scheduling meetings for students with professional staff members; referring students to campus resources.
  • Special projects or other duties may be assigned related to specific departmental needs. 

Professional Outcomes:  Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Communication, Global Perspectives

Required Qualifications:  This is an entry level position, little to no experience required, all training will be provided. 

Preferred Qualifications: Leadership skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, strong cross-cultural skills, desire to assist other students.