Request to Cancel Housing

  • Students are only permitted to cancel their Housing License Agreement (HLA) if they are leaving .the university or per the terms and conditions of the HLA.
  • Please review the HLA prior to submitting a Request to Cancel the Housing License Agreement; note that cancellation fees may apply.
  • The Undergraduate Cancellation Request Form is available online at GW Housing e-Services. Any required supporting documentation must be emailed to GW Housing at [email protected].
  • Cancellations will not be processed until all documentation has been received and, if during the academic year, GW Housing has confirmed that the student has vacated the space.
  • The District of Columbia Zoning Commission requires all first- and second-year students to reside in on campus housing. Per GW Policy, all third-year students must live on campus as well.
  • Fourth-year students may submit a Request to Cancel Undergraduate Housing License Agreement form via GW Housing e-Services to cancel their housing assignments per the terms and conditions outlined in the Housing License Agreement.
  • Fourth-year students who cancel their housing application prior to receiving a housing assignment may cancel for no fee.

Any questions regarding the cancellation policy should be directed to Kevin Gates at [email protected].

Please see the dates and fees below for further information:

  • Rising fourth- or fifth-year students have 5 business days from receipt of assignment to cancel for a $75 fee.
  • May 29, 2019: Once the 5 day period has passed, students have until Wednesday, May 29 to cancel for a $150 fee.
  • Students assigned housing on or after May 29, 2019 will have 5 business days after they are notified of their assignment to cancel their housing with a $75 fee.
    • After the five day period has passed, students are bound to the housing license agreement for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Please note, any student with both a Fall and Spring housing assignment who cancels prior to move-in will have their housing assignment cancelled for the entire academic year.

Fall Study Abroad Cancellations

  • June 14, 2019: Students who are assigned to housing for the Fall-Only or Full Academic Year and are now studying abroad during the Fall 2019 semester can cancel for no fee.
  • Beginning June 15, students studying abroad can cancel for a $150 fee.

Spring Study Abroad Cancellations

  • November 1, 2019: Students who are assigned to housing for the Academic Year and are now studying abroad for the Spring 2020 semester can cancel for no fee.
  • Beginning November 2, students studying abroad can cancel for a $150 fee.

Any second- or third-year student who cancels their housing assignment because they are studying abroad for the Fall semester will be required to live on campus if they return to GW for the Spring semester per the university residency requirement policy.

Any student who is taking a leave of absence, transferring, withdrawing, or not returning to GW may cancel their housing at any time for no cancellation fee. A student who is not returning to the university and has a housing assignment must submit a cancellation form via GW Housing e-Services in order to be removed from their housing assignment and have charges removed from their account. Students who cancel during the semester are responsible for housing charges as outlined in the Housing License Agreement.