Staffing Opportunities

Campus Living and Residential Education is excited to announce 8 student staff positions for the 2021-2022 academic year! On February 24, 2021, GW announced a new structure for staffing and supporting our students living in the residence halls. That announcement can be found here. To support our new residential staffing structure we have created 9 student staff positions. Each of these positions is specialized to meet the needs of our residential students. Please carefully review each of the roles below. We encourage you to review each of the positions and apply to become a member of our team! 

  1. Communications Assistants--All Positions Filled
  2. Faculty Program/Residential Program Assistants--All Positions Filled
  3. Front Desk Assistants--All Positions Filled
  4. Operations Assistants
  5. Programming Assistants--All Positions Filled
  6. Peer Mediators--All Positions Filled
  7. Technology Assistants
  8. Transition Assistants--Applications Released Late Fall

How to Apply:

Applications can be submitted via the Student Employment site. Links to apply for each position is included below. Please apply for the correct category based on if you have Federal Work Study (FWS) or not.

General Hiring Timeline:

Vacancies may open at times throughout the year. Please visit the Student Employment Website for the most up to date information on positions available.

Applications Open: August 23, 2021

Priority Application Deadline: August 30, 2021

Application Review Begins: Immediately

Interview Process Begins: Thursday, August 26, 2021

Links to Apply

Position Posting # Link for Students

Communications Assistant FWS (Applications Closed)


Communications Assistant Non-FWS (Applications Closed)


Faculty Program/Residential Program Assistants- FWS (Applications Closed)


Faculty Program/Residential Program Assistants - Non-FWS (Applications Closed)


Student Front Desk Assistant - FWS (Applications Closed)


Student Front Desk Assistant  Non-FWS (Applications Closed)


Operations Assistant - FWS


Operations Assistant -Non-FWS


Technology Assistant  FWS


Technology Assistant Non-FWS


Programming Assistants FWS (Applications Closed)


Programming Assistants Non-FWS (Applications Closed)


Peer Mediator FWS (Applications Closed)


Peer Mediator Non-FWS (Applications Closed)



Please contact the CLRE Student Staff Selection team at  [email protected]