Transfer Student Application Dates

The housing process for 2021-2022 has not been determined.This page will be updated when more information is available. 
June 10, 2021 Transfer student housing application opens. Apply through the Campus Living e-Services Page
July 23, 2021 Transfer student housing application closes. 
TBD Housing Assignments will be released 



Transfer Student Housing Application

Students will apply for housing by visiting Campus Living e-Services. This application asks you to answer questions about your lifestyle preferences (bedtime, study hours, cleanliness, etc.), but will not be able to make any building or room preferences. 

Transfer students are able to make roommate requests and may also participate in Gender Inclusive Housing, should they wish to do so. Roommate requests are granted when space is available and the requests are mutual. GW Housing will do its best to accommodate any roommate requests; however, we cannot guarantee we will always be able to do so.

Assignments are made on a rolling basis based on interests, lifestyle preferences, and availability. Once they have been notified of an assignment, students will be able to log onto Campus Living e-Services to view housing assignment and roommate(s) information.

Transfer Housing Application Information

Understanding how Class Level is used by CLRE

Housing eligibility is based on class year at GW, not on academic credits. Students can view their class year on Campus Living e-Services

What does a "Rising Class" refer to?

"Rising Class" indicates what class year a student will be in the next academic year. 

What is an RMS ID Number?

Each student is assigned a unique RMS ID by Campus Living. Students can view their RMS ID on Campus Living e-Services. Your RMS ID will be used to form your roommate group during the Housing Reapplication process. 

Please note that a student's RMS ID Number is different from their GWId.

Pursuant to GW's Residency Requirement, all upperclass students designated by Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) as being rising 2nd-year or 3rd-year students continue to be bound to live in on-campus housing. 

Rising 4th-year students may participate and apply for on-campus housing, but are not required to do so.  GW cannot guarantee all rising 4th-Year students will be offered on-campus housing. However, in most years, GW has been able to offer a housing assignment to every student who has submitted an application.  If a rising 4th-year student applies for and is later assigned to on-campus housing, they are bound to the terms and conditions of the Housing License Agreement.  


A student, as they complete an online application for GW on-campus housing, is required to review and affirm all of the terms and conditions of the Housing License Agreement (HLA).  This legally binding document outlines the expectations and requirement of students living in GW on-campus housing.  Important dates are defined in this document, as well as many policies which govern a student's rights and responsibilities. 

Students and their families can access a copy of the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement

Any GW student can request a translated copy of a Housing License Agreement by emailing GW CLRE at: [email protected].  We are happy to provide translated copies in the following languages:  Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, or Spanish. 

To live off-campus, students will be required to request and receive an exemption. 1st and 2nd year students are required to meet specific criteria  and submit supportive documentation to receive an exemption. 3rd year students may apply through a separate exemption process which does not require any documentation.

Students with specific disability-related needs, may request consideration for an accommodation with their housing assignment. To receive such an accommodation, students must first complete their registration with Disability Support Services (DSS) prior to the housing selection process to ensure that we are able to accommodate their housing needs.