Room Swap Dates

The Room Swap process will be available in late June/ early July 2021. More details will be provided prior to the process launching. 


Room Change & Room Swap Requests

Our Room Swap system is designed to put you in control of your own room change process. You will be able to complete a one-to-one person "swap" between rooms after being connected with other students on campus who are also seeking to change rooms. Ths Room Swap system was open during the summer and we are reopening it today.

The Room Swap process will open Tuesday September 7, 2021 and will remain open until Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 4 pm (EDT)  




Eligibility Rules for Room Swap 

  • A room swap is between two people, mutually agreeing to swap housing assignments. You are requesting to do a one-to-one swap of your assignments.
  • The housing assignment of only the students swapping will be impacted, roommate(s) do not have their housing assignment impacted by a room swap. 
  • Students may only swap with students of the same gender.
  • First-year students may only room swap with other first-year students.
  • Second-year students may swap with other second-, third- or fourth-year students living on campus. Second-year students are not allowed to swap with third- or fourth-year students as second-year students who were assigned to live at One Washington Circle or the Aston as these two buildings are limited to third- and fourth-years only.
  • Third-year students and fourth-year students may swap with other second-, third- or fourth-Year students living on campus. However, third- and fourth-year students who are assigned to live in One Washington Circle or the Aston are not allowed to swap with a second-year student

Some Student Populations are Excluded from Participating in Room Swap:

  • Undergraduate students in Fraternity and Sorority Housing and/or Speciality Housing (ie: the Cisneros House or other group housing) who are seeking a change in their housing assignment should contact their House Manager instead of entering the Room Swap process.  
  • Students participating in a Living Learning Community (LLC). If you desire to swap spaces within your LLC, please contact your Community Coordinator. 
  • Exchange students
  • Students participating in Gender Neutral Housing