Room Change & Room Swap Requests

The Room Swap Module for fall 2020 assignments will be available from:

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 starting at 1pm until Thursday, July 30, 2020, 5pm.  Any pending room swap needs to be confirmed by that date in order to be processed for the fall semester.


Students who wish to change their room assignment prior to moving into their residence hall for the academic year may utilize the Room Swap system. It is designed to give students the chance to complete a one-to-one person "swap" of assigned rooms by connecting students with other students on campus also looking to change rooms.   The Room Swap Process Guide outlines the process and instructions of utilizing the Room Swap online module. 

During the semester, students who have not had success in arranging a swap through Room Swap may schedule an appointment with a housing representative to discuss options for an academic year room change. Since room vacancies are limited, students are encouraged to utilize Room Swap as it will offer them the most flexibility in locating a desirable room.

For more detailed information on swapping or changing rooms, please review the options below. 

Click Here to Access the Room Swap Module

Room Changes

Room changes refer to a student being reassigned to a vacant bed-space on campus after the start of the semester. If a student wishes to change rooms after moving into their residence hall for the academic year, they may contact Campus Living at the conclusion of the third week of the semester to see if any vacant spaces are available. As there are typically a limited number of vacant spaces on campus, students are encouraged to utilize their Resident Advisor and Area Coordinator for advice, guidance, or assistance if they experience challenges with their roommates or other issues in their current living arrangement. RAs, CDs, ACs, and other residential staff work directly with students to provide advice, options, interventions, and support to address resident needs.

Mid-Semester Room Changes

Students who wish to explore the option to change rooms should talk to their Community Director or Area Coordinator.

End Of Semester Room Changes

Students who know of a space that will be vacant for the Spring semester and wish to move into that space must contact Campus Living by December 4, 2020 at 5pm to see if the space is available. If it is, you must move into the new space before winter break begins either by working with the current residents or you will have the opportunity to participate in Transition Day on December 23, 2020.

The Transition Day policy allows students who have an approved end of semester room change to move to their Spring assignment before departing for Winter Break. On December 23, you will be granted dual access to both your Fall and Spring assignments for a limited window of time. After your end of semester room change is scheduled, you will need to sign up for Transition Day by filling out an online form before December 4. Students approved to move to a new space who are not participating in Transition Day must either work with the current residents to gain access to the space or find alternative storage for their items over the winter break period.

Due to the nature of an end of semester room change, housekeeping will not have an opportunity to clean your new room before you move in. If the condition of the room does not meet your expectations, make sure you talk to your friend(s) that currently live there before they move out.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your old room is in Broom Clean condition when you move out.  That is: remove all of your personal item, leave a desk, bed and dresser empty and clean.  The room will be inspected after your departure.  Failure to leave the room in Broom Clean condition may result in a $250 broom clean fee.


Eligibility Rules for the Room Swap Module

  • A room swap is between two people, mutually agreeing to swap housing assignments. The housing assignment of only the students swapping will be impacted, roommate(s) do not have their housing assignment impacted by a room swap.
  • First-Year students may only room swap with other First-Year students.
  • In the cases where First-Year students live in the same building as upperclass students, First-Year students will only see student profiles of other First-Year students.
  • Second-Year students may swap with other Second-, Third-, or Fourth-Year students living on campus, other than students living in One Washington Circle and The Aston. Second-Year students are restricted from living in either of these locations.
  • Third-Year students may swap with other Second-, Third-, or Fourth-Year students living on campus.
  • Fourth-Year students may swap with other Second-, Third-, or Fourth-Year students living on campus.
  • Students who live in Greek Housing seeking a change in their housing assignment should contact notify their Greek House Manager. 
  • Students who are participating in an Affinity Housing Program seeking a change in their housing assignment should contact their Affinity Group Coordinator first.  

Over the summer, Room Swap will be open from April 16, 2020 - July 30, 2020.


Some student populations are excluded from participating in the Room Swap Module:

  • Undergraduate Students living in Greek Housing (all locations); students assigned to District House Affinity Housing "Pods" (room numbers that contain a 'N' or 'S'); and CSE Resident Advisors.
  • Exchange Students.
  • Semester in Washington participants.
  • Students participating in Gender Neutral Housing.

Our ability to accommodate room change requests is based on the availability of room vacancies on-campus. As such, the best means to seek a housing assignment change is to use the Room Swap Module prior to contacting GW Housing. Beginning three weeks into each semester, students may email GW Housing to indicate their room preferences and to check on the availability of vacancies. 

To request a housing assignment change into a vacant bedspace, Students may email GW Housing if:

  • Student knows of a specific vacant space in a location eligible to their class year.
  • Student is otherwise restricted from using the Room Swap module and seeks a housing assignment change out of their current living environment (e.g. wanting to move out of Greek Housing into a space in residence halls). 

There are two time periods when students will be able to change rooms for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

  • Fall Semester - beginning Monday, September 9 through Thursday, November 14, 2019.
  • Spring Semester - beginning Monday, February 3 through Thursday, April 9, 2020.

There are two time periods when students will be able to change rooms for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

  • Fall Semester - beginning Monday, September 21 through Thursday, November 12, 2020.
  • Spring Semester - beginning Monday, February 1 through Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Students must accept a room change by contacting GW Housing by Thursday at noon in order to move that upcoming weekend. During the academic year, Room Changes are processed every Thursday afternoon for moves beginning at 5:00 pm that upcoming weekend. Students will be sent an email with details regarding the move once the room change request has been processed. Room Swap or Room Change requests received after the weekly Thursday noon deadline will not be reviewed or processed until the following week.