Room Swap Dates

The Room Swap process will be available in late June/ early July 2021. More details will be provided prior to the process launching. 


Room Change & Room Swap Requests

Pre-Semester Room Change

Students who wish to change their room assignment prior to moving into their residence hall for the academic year may utilize the Room Swap system. It is designed to give students the chance to complete a one-to-one person "swap" of assigned rooms by connecting students with other students on campus also looking to change rooms. The Room Swap process will launch the week of June 21 for upperclass students. Room Swap will launch the week of June 28 for first year students. 

Mid-Semester and End of Semester Room Changes

To ensure safety and health in our residence halls, students will not be able to move to different rooms during or in-between semesters. This is in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic to promote social distancing and to prevent the spread of the virus across the community. 

We may need to administratively change assignments to consolidate spaces at the end of the semester. This is to allow for flexibility in how the University can best serve students and the surrounding community. 

As the school year progress we will be revisiting these policies to see if we can reenact the ability for students to change assignments to other vacant rooms.

This was last updated on 6/17/20. 


Eligibility Rules for the Room Swap Module

    • A room swap is between two people, mutually agreeing to swap housing assignments.  The housing assignment of only the students swapping will be impacted, roommate(s) do not have their housing assignment impacted by a room swap. 
    • First-Year students may only room swap with other First-Year students.
    • Second-Year students may swap with other Second-, Third- or Fourth-Year students living on campus, other than students living in One Washington Circle or Aston.  Second-Year students are restricted from living in either of these locations.
    • Third-Year students may swap with other Second-, Third- or Fourth-Year students living on campus.  
    • Fourth-Year students may swap with other Second-, Third- or Fourth-Year students living on campus.
    • Students who live in Greek Housing seeking a change in their housing assignment should contact notify their Greek House Manager.  


Some student populations are excluded from participating in the Room Swap Module:

    • Undergraduate Students living in Greek Housing (all locations); students assigned to District House Affinity Housing "Pods" (room numbers that contain a 'N' or 'S"); 
    • Exchange Students and Semester in Washington participants.
    • Students participating in Gender Neutral Housing.
    • If a student living in one of these  types of housing is interested in changing rooms, please contact [email protected]