Room Swap

GW Housing is pleased to offer students an online Room Swap process. This system is designed to give students the chance to find and swap to the room they have been looking for. The Room Swap process allows students to connect with other students on campus looking to change rooms.

There are four time periods were room swap will be open for students who wish to swap for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

  • March 25 - July 28 (for returning students)
  • June 4 - July 28 (for first-year students)
  • September 18 - November 30 (for all students)
  • February 5 - March 8 (for all students)

Students are encouraged to have conversations with their Resident Advisor, Residence Director, and/or Area Coordinator to discuss roommate situations prior to swapping.

Residents of The Aston, Greek Townhouses, Four to Six Person Townhouses, Fall Only, FOFAC or Spring Only housing students, exchange students,  as well as students in gender neutral housing are unable to participate in the online Room Swap process due to the unique nature of these housing options. Students living in these options who would like to explore a room change should contact the GW Housing office or Center for Student Engagement staff.

Please keep in mind that first-year students can only swap with other first-year students and fourth-year students in South Hall may only swap with other fourth-year students.

During the academic year, room swaps are processed every Thursday afternoon and students will be able to move the following weekend. Students will receive an email notification once their room swap has been processed by GW Housing with information about their move. Students must accept a room swap by Thursday at noon in order for it to be processed on time and to enable them to move the following weekend. Room swaps accepted after Thursday at noon will not be processed until the following week.

Room swaps are processed daily throughout the Spring and Summer months for Fall semester housing assignments. 

Students who know of a vacant room they would like to move into on campus should contact the GW Housing office to request to move into the vacant space.