Graduate Student Housing Options

Graduate students have a number of different options for on- and off-campus housing. Graduate students are encouraged to visit Off Campus Student Affairs within the Center for Student Engagement to learn more about off-campus housing options.

Columbia Plaza

The Columbia Plaza Housing Program is an attractive option for Law, Medical, and graduate students at the George Washington University.  The university serves as a referral agent for participants in the Columbia Plaza Housing Program, allowing students to secure competitively priced housing in a convenient location. GW students seeking off-campus housing through this program do not have to demonstrate the minimum income requirements that are necessary from non-GW students when applying to live in the building.  The Columbia Plaza Housing Program is not available to undergraduate students.

Please visit the Columbia Plaza Apartments for more information pertaining to floor plans, rates, amenities, etc. Students interested in leasing with Columbia Plaza should contact our office no earlier than 30-35 days prior to their desired move-in date as current tenants are required to provide a 30-day vacate notice. Currently, GW Housing does not have any vacancies within Columbia Plaza. Please contact the Columbia Plaza apartments directly to inquire as to if there are any apartments available.

The Aston

The Aston is the only on campus housing option available to graduate students. Graduate or Law students interested in living in The Aston should complete the Graduate Housing Interest Form. GW Housing will be in contact with you if space is available.

Students living in The Aston should familiarize themselves with the Graduate Housing License Agreement.

By submitting a housing license agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions in the Graduate Housing License Agreement. This is a binding agreement for the entirety of the academic year. Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions as you might have questions.  The Housing License Agreement will be signed electronically at the time you apply for housing. Paper Housing License Agreements are not accepted.