Green Living

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Green Move-Out

This major university initiative makes the residence hall move-out process more environmentally and community-friendly through a donation drive.

Green Move-Out occurs during Fall and Spring closing. Questions regarding Green Move-Out can be emailed to: [email protected].

  • Clothing, Bedding, and Linens
    • Donation boxes for clothes, shoes, bags and other textiles are provided in all residence halls.
  • Household Goods
    • Certain household items including lamps, intact mirrors, small furniture, small rugs, e-waste, pots and pans, utensils and other kitchenware are collected in residence halls where space allows for appropriate donation boxes.
  • Non-Perishable Foods
    • Donation boxes for unopened, nonperishable food are provided in most residence halls.
  • What We Are Not Collecting
    • Large Furniture
    • Nonperishable food waste
    • Opened or perishable food
    • Books (please simply recycle these)
    • Foam or eggshell style mattress pads
    • Large electronics and Televisions
    • Soiled or stained bedding and clothes
    • Any breakable glass item