Housing Accommodations

Residential living is central to the learning environment for all GW students. Living within a community and learning to share space and be considerate of others is considered a crucial part of that learning experience. As Campus Living and Residential Education offers a wide variety of residence hall options, most students secure desired assignments through the standard housing selection process. Students with specific disability-related needs, however, may request consideration for an accommodation with their housing assignment to support the availability of any required configuration in that placement.

Students who are making a request for a housing accommodation must be supported by documentation that relates the current impact of the student's condition to the accommodation request. Students must also complete their registration with Disability Support Services (DSS) prior to the housing selection process to ensure that we are able to accommodate their housing needs.

All students who require a housing accommodation (including requesting an assistance animal) must register through Disability Support Services; Campus Living does not accept medical documentation nor make determinations regarding a student's housing accommodation needs.

Evaluation of Requests

DSS will review requests for disability housing accommodations and provide the student and Campus Living with a written recommendation. If the eligibility criteria are met, Campus Living will then determine the specific housing location and notify the student of his/her room assignment. All information will be kept confidential.

All requests for need-based housing assignments are reviewed carefully. Below is a summary of the factors considered when evaluating housing requests:

Severity of the condition:

  1. Is the impact of the condition life threatening if the request is not met?
  2. Is there a negative health impact if the request is not met?
  3. Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan for the condition in question?

Timing of the request:

  1. Was the request filed before the published deadline? All students must register prior to the housing application process.

Once a student has been deemed eligible for a disability housing accommodation and, as long as the student's needs remain the same, Campus Living will make every effort to accommodate the student in a similar manner for his/her remaining years in residence.  Variable or changing conditions may periodically require updated or supplemental documentation. Please note that the university does not guarantee housing for seniors.

For clarification relative to this policy, visit the Disability Support Services website, call DSS at (202) 994-8250 or email their office at [email protected]. Additionally, students who have further questions about housing accommodations can contact the Campus Living office at [email protected].