Laundry in the Residence Halls

All university residence halls have laundry facilities either in common areas, usually on the lower level, or in some upperclass halls, in the unit. 

  • All operating directions are posted in the laundry rooms.
  • You can use Colonial Cash on your GWorld card or quarters to pay for the laundry machines.
  • Each wash and dry is $1.75 each.
  • You can also keep track of your laundry cycles by using the GW Laundry Tracker

Laundry Machines & Reporting Problems

  • All machines in common laundry rooms are High Efficiency (HE), please use HE detergents.
  • Do not overload and pack in clothes. 
  • Be sure to clean out the lint trap after each dryer use, and be sure to check before loading your clothes to ensure that the lint trap is clear.
  • WARNING: Do not dye clothing, or place flammable materials or clothing soaked/soiled with flammable liquids in the washers or dryers.

Report a Machine Problem & Laundry Questions 

Laundry Credits

Residential students in halls with shared pay-per-cycle machines receive credits for 34 cycles per year. A single wash or dry is one credit.

Report Problems with Your Laundry Credits