Living Learning Communities

GW is a community of scholars, and  Living Learning Communities (LLCs) allow students to have shared experiences that bring critical thinking and reflection beyond the classroom and into their residential experience.  LLCs bring students together under an interest or academic program, and provide the opportunity for students to immerse themselves into subjects on a deeper level through intentionally built opportunities for involved learning.  Research shows that students who participate in LLCs have a smoother transition to college, both academically and socially, greater engagement with their campus community, and higher levels of academic self-confidence and persistence.  Working closely with faculty and staff, our programs marry passion areas with living, resulting in an even greater sense of purpose for our students.   

First-Year Living Learning Communities

Civic House** - Clark, Cole, Hensley, and Merriweather Hall

The Civic House Community is a highly-selective first-year program for students interested in becoming active citizens engaged in their communities.  The three core values of Civic House are live, learn, and serve. The program challenges students to learn about the unique culture, strengths, and needs of communities in Washington, D.C. and to build collaborative relationships with students, faculty, and community-based organizations to meet those needs through service.

Elizabeth Somers Women’s Leadership Program**– Somers Hall

The Women's Leadership Program (WLP) is a selective, year-long, living and learning program for first-year women of any school at the George Washington University. Offered exclusively at the Mount Vernon Campus, WLP students have the benefit of small classes, close contact with faculty and women in leadership roles, and strong community ties within the Program. The dynamic curriculum emphasizes exploration and development of women's leadership through academic courses and weekly symposia. WLP symposia offer special lectures, workshops and experiences that draw on the unique resources of Washington, DC, to bring students together with women of achievement and leadership from many professional fields. Students live together in Somers Hall with a graduate teaching assistant who serves as a mentor and academic resource.

Engineering & Science Community - Fulbright Hall

Fine Arts Community - Mitchell Hall

The Fine Arts Community brings together students with an interest in the arts, from any academic background.  Through themed events on campus and in the greater community, students have the opportunity to enhance their own appreciation of art in all its forms.  Through a supportive peer-led environment, students are encouraged to share their experiences and interests, to make Mitchell a home for the creatively inclined.   

Corcoran Arts + Design Community - Mitchell Hall

The Arts + Design Community gives first-year Corcoran students the option to participate in a creative, intellectual living environment that raises awareness of the power of the arts and design in our daily lives, the impact it has on our community, and inspires students to action. Priority placement will be given to Corcoran Scholars students, however, the LLC is composed of students from across Corcoran programs, so we strongly encourage majors and minors to apply.

First-Generation College Students Community - Guthridge Hall

The First-Generation College Students Community brings together first-generation students on a residential floor to live, learn, and grow together in their first year at GW.  GW defines first-generation college students as those whose parents did not complete a four-year degree. Students who identify with this experience can benefit from living in a community of peers and with dedicated staff and faculty who understand what it is like to be the first in your family to navigate the college experience.

Mount Vernon Campus Scholars - Clark, Cole, Hensley, and Merriweather Hall

Combining programs like Sustainability and Global Connection, the MVC Scholars Program brings students together in a deeply enriching and stimulating intellectual environment. Students enroll in special seminars that provide an intimate setting for collaboration with their peers. They work with dedicated faculty to discuss, debate, and ultimately come to a better understanding of important and engaging topics.

Politics and Values Community** – Somers Hall

In the Politics & Values community, a select group of students will explore societal politics while living and studying together in an intensive year-long course.

University Honors Program** – West Hall

**To be eligible for these programs, students apply and are admitted to the program by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Upperclass Living Learning Communities

George Washington Williams House

The George Washington Williams house is managed by both the Division for Student Affairs and MSSC. Students interested in living in this small townhouse should contact Fraternity & Sorority Life at [email protected] or the building’s House Manager, Sara Smith at [email protected].

University Honors Program - District House

Students who are members of the University Honors Program and are interested in living in this community or would like more information should contact Ben Faulkner at [email protected].