Maintenance Requests & FixIt

Submit a FixIt Maintenance Request

You should submit a FixIt to Facilities Planning, Construction, and Management for any problems you find in your room or in your hall regarding appliances, bathrooms, leaks, lighting and power, temperature, door and locks, pests, widows, furniture, mailboxes, elevators, and general damage.

By submitting the FixIt yourself, you will be directly notified of updates and able to track the progress of your request through the process. 

Login and Submit Your FixIt Request 

COVID-19: FixIt's can be submitted during a residents quarantine period. Residents must wear a mask and keep a 6-foot distance while the maintenance work is being completed in their room, Facilities staff will do the same.

Emergency Requests

Maintenance requests are considered an emergency ONLY if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Jeopardizes a person’s safety. Examples include fire, elevator failures, gas leaks, evidence of break-in/theft, broken door locks/ inability to enter or secure door
  • Cause further damage or loss to property.  Examples include active water leaks, broken interior/exterior doors and windows, leaking gas stoves
  • Significantly disrupts university activities: Examples include any loss of utility system like electricity, water, or gas
Call in an Emergency FixIt at 202-994-6706, 24/7