DSS Housing Application Process

2022-2023 Application for DSS Housing Accommodations

CLRE works collaboratively with the Disability Support Services Office to foster a climate of universal academic excellence, while also promoting disability culture and GW’s broader diversity and inclusion initiatives. If you need accommodations for housing and have not registered with DSS visit our DSS Housing Accommodations page and follow the steps to register with DSS. 

If you have a current DSS housing accommodation on file, CLRE runs a housing application process specific for any students who need to have their housing assignment meet their approved accommodation. 

Application Timeline

Application Opens: Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 at 10 AM EST

Application Closes: Thursday, February 24th, 2022 at 10 AM EST

2022-2023 Housing Rates

Learn more about 2022-2023 housing rates as you explore apply for housing with a DSS housing accommodations.

DSS Housing Application Steps

1. Start a DSS Housing Accomodation Application via the Campus Living eServices Portal

Starting Tuesday, Feb. 15, students with an approved DSS housing accommodation may submit a housing application. In your application, you will acknowledge your desire to live on-campus next year and sign your 2022-2023 Housing License Agreement (HLA). View the 2022 - 2023 HLA

You will be required to list a minimum of five upperclass residence halls in order of preference where you’d like to live. While your housing accommodation is the most important factor in determining where we’ll assign you for next year, we also want to account for the possibility that rooms in multiple buildings could meet your accommodation. It’s also possible only one or two buildings have rooms that meet your accommodation, and we will assign you to one of those buildings regardless of your full building preference list. In the end, your preferences are important to us as we identify the best room for you!

If you do not have any friends you want to create a room group with, no further action is required. 

2. Pull-in new roommate/s into an anticipated opening after submitting your DSS housing application

If you have friend/s you'd like to live with next year you will need to send your friend/s a roommate group invitation. To successfully send your friend/s a roommate group invitation you'll need their RMSID. This is the number in the housing system associated with every student. NOTE: This is different than your 8 digit GWID

Once you have your friend/s RMSID and invite them to your roommate group, they will receive a notification via email of the invite. The email will include directions on how to accept the invite and complete their housing application. 

3. Accepting the roommate group invitation 

Each student invited to join a roommate group needs to accept the invitation in order to be pulled into the room and also officially apply for housing through the Campus Living eServices Portal

Roommate groups operate on mutual consent, meaning that each individual has to affirmatively consent to join a roommate group after being invited. Not answering or not accepting a roommate group invitation is the main reason why desired roommate groups may not be assigned together. If you do not accept the invitation, you will not be pulled into the room and assigned as a roommate.

When accepting your roommate group invitation, you will also need to fully submit a housing application, which includes signing your 2022 - 2023 Housing License Agreement. View a copy of the 2022 - 2023 HLA. 

Once the application period for students with housing accommodations closes on February 24, 2022 CLRE will process all the roommate group requests and officially communicate housing assignments for all students who applied across this period.

Application Options for Students with Approved Housing Accommodations

If Eligible for Room Renewal:

If you are you eligible for Room Renewal, are happy with your 2021-2022 current assignment, and it meets your DSS housing accommodation, we strongly recommend considering the Room Renewal Process.


If Not Eligible for Room Renewal:

If you are not eligible for Room Renewal, you will apply for housing through this DSS housing accommodations process and will receive a housing assignment that meets your accommodation on Thursday, February 24, 2022.

Please note if you are a student with a DSS housing accommodation who does not apply during the DSS housing accommodation application period, you will go through the succeeding housing application processes based on your class year.


No. Students with DSS housing accommodations on file are not required to go through the Room Renewal Process. If Room Renewal is not a student's desired outcome, or available to a student, CLRE will work to find a room that fits a student's needs. 

All students who apply through the DSS housing application process must be registered with Disability Support Services.  If you are not registered with DSS, you will not be able to apply during the DSS application process. 

Yes. The student with the DSS housing accommodation on file should create a roommate group and can invite any students to their roommate group regardless of DSS accommodations.