Fall 2021 Housing

Your Guide to the 2021-2022 On-Campus Housing Application Process

We know that many of our students have missed living on campus as together we have made many adjustments to our typical routines to slow the spread of this once in a lifetime pandemic.  As university leadership has recently indicated, we plan to be open to the fullest extent possible in fall 2021. While we continue to closely monitor public health conditions that may affect our planning, we understand the desire to make plans for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year.  We are optimistic that our chance to reunite is very close at hand.  On March 31, 2021, the Campus Living and Residential Education team kicked-off a six-week process for the 2021-2022 Residence Hall Housing Process for rising second, third- and fourth-year students. 

Incoming first-year students will participate in their housing application process in mid-May and will receive their room assignments in mid-June. 

Academic Year 2021-2022 Housing Rates

Application Timeline 

  • April 2 - April 9: Exemption application timeline for 2nd and 3rd year students
  • April 2 - April 16: Affinity interest groups
  • April 5 - April 12: Fraternity and sorority life process to live in chapter houses 
  • April 5 - April 12: Students registered with Disability Support Services
  • April 21 - April 30: General housing application timeframe for students who did not participate in any of the above subcategories or did participate and were notified they were not accepted into that category
  • Week of May 10: Students who participated in the housing application process will receive their academic year 2021-2022 housing assignment. 

Housing Process Updates 

  • Fall 2021 Housing at GW: An Overview of the Application Process for rising second, third- and fourth-year students (March 31, 2021)
  • 2021-2022 First-Year Students Application Process Overview (details to come in May) 

As we continue to plan for our students to return to campus, please understand that we may need to adjust our planning based on new information as safety, care, and our commitment to fulfulling our academic mission will guide our decisions. 

If you have questions, please contact the CLRE office at 202-994-2552 or email [email protected]. Email continues to be the best way to contact us as the university remains virtual this spring. We are excited to be able to welcome back our students to campus. We have missed our active and bustling student community and are looking forward to seeing more of you very soon. 


Unless you are a student who will participate in one of these special population categories, most GW students will apply for housing via the main housing application that will open on April 21, 2021. 

All students will apply to live in GW’s residence halls through the Campus Living e-Services portal. Please note, only students with a valid and eligible GWID are able to access the portal to fill out and complete their application/s. 

Residency Exemption 

Rising second- and third-year students are eligible to apply for a residency exemption. Eligible students, based on their class year, will receive an email on Friday, April 2 with details and directions to apply. Second year students who believe they qualify for an exemption will need to submit documentation in order to be considered for an exemption. Third year students will submit their request for exemption on a first come, first serve basis with the first 650 rising third-year students applying automatically receiving an exemption. Participation in the exemption request process is voluntary and each student must participate individually. 

Affinity Housing

Affinity Housing presents the unique opportunity for GW students to live in and define a residential community around particular interests, experiences, and identities. 

All members of an affinity group will play a role in leading and crafting the shared experiences of their community. Affinity communities have the opportunity to receive programmatic support to build connections amongst themselves and the larger residential community, as well as intentional support from residential staff.

Students who aspire to live in affinity housing will have the opportunity to indicate their preferences during an initial interest inquiry process. Any returning student can express their interest for living in an affinity via this form. 

The current affinities list includes, Bandfinity, Business Pros, Casa Blanca, FirstGen, LBGTQIA+, Muslim Women, Sustainability, and Women of Color. If one of these current affinities does not pique your interest, you will have the opportunity to submit materials, including a purpose statement and confirmed roster, for review and consideration to be a new affinity group. New affinity groups will be considered and approved based on availability.

Once the interest form closes, we will review all submissions and determine how many groups with similar interests/affinities we will be able to accommodate for the upcoming academic year. We will then invite the students who indicated their interest in a particular affinity to complete their housing application to be a member of that affinity. 

This process begins on Friday, April 2. Rising second, third- and fourth-year students will receive further information via email with an invitation to indicate interest in one of groups mentioned above as they have indicated they want to return or suggest a new affinity group.

Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Housing

Upper-class students are eligible to reside in on-campus Fraternity and Sorority housing after they are initiated as a member of the organization (after their initial semester as a new member). Being approved for living in one of the GW-owned fraternity or sorority townhouses is a two-step process. Students interested in residing in their chapter house should first express their interest directly to their chapter house manager. Most house managers have already begun initiating the identification process. The house manager will provide a list of eligible students to the designated Division for Student Affairs offices to be included as an eligible student in the FSL assignment process. Eligible FSL students will be invited to fill out a housing application starting Monday, April 5. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to your chapter president or house manager.  

Disability Support Services

Housing accommodations are available to students with disabilities through prior arrangements made with the university’s Disability Support Services (DSS) Office. If you have an approved housing accommodation, DSS has notified us, and we have your accommodation on file. You will be notified to begin your application on Monday, April 5. Please be aware if you would like to live with roommates or suitemates, you will need to indicate the names of your preferred roommates on your housing application. 

If you would like to seek a housing accommodation, please contact Disability Support Services for further assistance. We will make every effort to work with students who receive housing accommodations even after the initial application period closes. Please be aware that there are a limited number of single rooms available, and they may be full if you receive an accommodation later in the process.